Charming ideas for a party with children by Mini & Kuki

Charming ideas for a party with children by Mini & Kuki

Keila Morcillo

A party is cause for joy ... Well, not always. Organizing it can be a real nightmare. Find a space, order the food, decorate it ... To help us with all these points, event organizer Jésica Sánchez, from Mini & Kuki, gives us some clues and advises the steps to follow if we want to turn event planning into our profession .

What do you have to do to be a good event planner, Whatever the celebration?
Listen to the client, design, plan every detail adapting to the needs and let the imagination fly to create experiences with their own identity.

If we were customers, what advice would you give us ...Define your budget. It is very important to know what one can or wants to spend and then not take surprises. Choose the venue well. This will not be overwhelming or give a feeling of emptiness. And look for trusted suppliers to make sure everything is under control.

What distinguishes Mini & Kuki from other professionals in the same field? Why do you think you are recognized?
We are a close company, with direct contact with the client, we manage our trusted suppliers always offering the best option to the interested party. We have our own creative workshop in which we manufacture and customize any necessary material that makes the event different: stationery, posters, textile printing ...

Take noteā€¦

These are the decorations suggested by the Mini & Kuki team For a children's party. Framed flowers hanging from a tree, birdhouses turned into candle holders or boxes as a side table.

Keila Morcillo Keila Morcillo

For snack, a sweet corner that also includes fresh fruit.

Keila Morcillo

And, as a climax, activities. Indicate in the invitation to bring comfortable clothes.

Keila Morcillo Fashion designer, window dresser and wedding & event planner, Jésica created in 2014 Mini & Kuki. And what was in principle just a hobby, has become his new way of life. Keila Morcillo