A family home that revives the 50s

A family home that revives the 50s

The creative universe of its owners is reflected in every corner of this house. Aurélie Guillerey, illustrator of children's books, and Vincent Menu, graphic designer, They were looking for a space where they could reconcile their respective professions and family life. Clovis's parents, 10 years old, and little Ambroise, six months old, as soon as they discovered this house, they knew they could reconcile work and family.

The house was built in 1953 but, uninhabited for years, I needed a complete renovation The owners decided to recover the original architectural elements, and completed the decoration with materials and furniture of the 50s to enhance the style of that era. Pieces that had been in the family for decades, that they tracked along the mortars and antiques stores or that they discovered as forgotten jewelry at eBay auctions.

The fusion between work and family life It is appreciated in the choice of tones that cover the walls. The color palette that Aurélie uses in her children's illustrations is reproduced throughout the house, with bold and vital tones: mustard in the living room, blue in the kitchen, yellow in Clovis's room ... And Vincent's passion for graphic design leaves his mark on the headboard of the master bedroom, a nod to Pointillism. Past and present merge in this house where the 50s coexist with eighteen-inspired details and futuristic touches: a game of realities worthy of a fascinating story.

Advertising - Keep reading below The color in the room: mustard background

The wall painted in this color, with drops that seem to fall from the ceiling, provides freshness to the room. A sun-shaped mirror completes the effect of finding us on a bright summer day. The contrast between the mustard wall and the black and white striped carpet is a nod to the creative and graphic universe of the owners. On the ceiling, the Sputnik-type family-owned lamp adds a retro air to the living room.

Nordic sofa from the 50s, purchased on eBay. The Boomerang table was purchased at the Mimi antique store. Carpet, similar in Ikea. The drops are the work of Florence Doléac. You will find a sun watch very similar to this one in the firm Christopher Guy.

A house with personality

Let the decoration talk about your tastes and hobbies. In this case, the picture with the funny character that seems to live in the trash reminds us that the owner is an illustrator of children's books.

Revival furniture from the 50s

The vintage sideboard of the living room takes us to the decorative style of the 50s. Sideboard designed in the 50's by Gérard Guermonprez, acquired at the Mimi antique shop. On it, vases of the 60s.

A design lamp

If you have a difficult area to furnish, such as a staircase, look for a striking lamp. The Bau design, by Normann Copenhagen, has so much decorative value that you won't need any more furniture.

The original fireplace

In the dining area you can see the fireplace that was made in the house, in 1953, with typical tiles of the time.

A natural dining room

The wood gives warmth to the dining area, located next to the living room. The lamp, inspired by the mythical Arco design by Flos, solves the lighting and defines the environment. The table is a Nordic family design, and the chairs are original from the 60s, purchased on eBay. The lamp was bought in Mimi.

Generational meeting

The contrast between the eighteenth-century-inspired dinnerware -which seduced our grandmothers- and the neon band that crosses it, unites past and present in this dinnerware, of the signature Seletti.

Perfect lighting

The dining room must have adequate lighting. The most common option is to place a spot of light centered on the table. This lamp places the screen in the same position as a ceiling design, but without modifying the electrical installation.

Open kitchen to the dining room

The owners suppressed part of the partition that separated both environments to facilitate the passage of natural light.

Open kitchen

In the kitchen colors are the protagonists. Proof of this is the multicolored mosaic in the sink.

Kitchen in yellow and blue

The original Formica furniture of the house, typical of the 50s, remained. Have you noticed the yellow detail that surrounds the door handle? To maintain the style, the owners looked for ceramic pieces vintage and they paved the ground with them. However, the wall coverings show that we are in the 21st century: blue paint on the base, a steel front in the cooking zone.

Game of colors in the office

Detail of the office in the kitchen; It is formed by a round table covered by a yellow tablecloth -to match the cupboards- and blue and white stools, in tune with the walls.

A fairytale bedroom

The painting in a bright yellow lemon reproduces one of the tones that the owner, illustrator of children's books, routinely uses in her work. The result: Little Clovis's bedroom gives off freshness and joy. The wide space invites the game. But a study area with retro furniture remembers that, before having fun, it's time to do homework. The sideboard vintage It was purchased at the Mimi antique shop.

Wicker furniture

The bedroom of the eldest son of the family was decorated with furniture made of this material and with curved shapes, characteristic of the decorative style of the 50s. patchwork multicolored hand-woven power the air vintage of the environment On the bedside table, a flexo with clamp allows the light to be directed towards the bed so that the child reads his stories before falling asleep.

In the attic

Study the architectural elements of your house and integrate them into the decoration. A pillar seen, a setback or a dormer, far from being a problem, can add character to the environment. Here, Clovis's bed receives natural light under the roof window.

The art of compensation

Should an environment decorated in black and white be, by obligation, always hard? Although this binomial of color predominates in the owners' bedroom, the pink quilt softens the space. The contrast between the graphics of the headboard and the sheet in front of the bedding - pink, light blue and with turquoise touches - reduces the seriousness of the whole.

A reinvented classic

Look at the pattern of the cushions. They are landscapes and everyday prints that evoke the characteristic style of toile de jouy, only with modern strokes and spring tones.

Mix of styles

In their bedroom, the owners hung an old bathroom closet on a modern dresser. In the foreground, the folding chair stands out. It is metallic structure painted in green and the fabric - a reinvention of the classic pattern toile de jouy, updated with fluorine paints - enhance the intended contrast of styles. Silla, by Mat & Jewski.

Tricolor bathroom

The white tiles contrast with the black floor and the red roof that extends to the tiled base. The choice of these colors enhances the lines of the washbasin, an original retro design from the 50s. On the chair, a design that you can find very similar in Maisons du Monde, printed cushion, by Livette La Suissette.

Plan and ideas of the reform

- In the case of the bedroom, The white color has been used to downplay certain elements of the decoration and focus on those pieces that you want to draw attention to.
- White walls disappear visually; Even the foot of the lamp merges with them and we only appreciate a blue screen that seems to float in the bedroom.
- In the middle of this environment, the headboard Created by the owner - professional graphic designer - with small pink dots on a dark background, he becomes the protagonist of the decoration.