The incredible change of a house

The incredible change of a house

Jessica Glynn Photography

When Alison Jennison first entered this Brooklyn house, What he saw were walls with green paint, wood paneling and roofs with fiber panels. Most people would look at the shortcomings, not the potential. But Jennison is not most people because after seeing the house, this interior designer decided to buy it and fix it to make it her own family home.

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Jennison left the original brick walls, the beams and the fireplace they found hidden behind the walls.

After: Light Jessica Glynn Photography

Thanks to the renovation, the house has gained a lot of light, there are no walls to retain it and the white color is very helpful. Jennison got a bright and at the same time cozy house.

After: Open concept Jessica Glynn Photography

Jennison was sure she wanted an open concept house and she did so. Living room, dining room and kitchen coexist in the same space. With this the house won in breadth and luminosity.

After: Kitchen Jessica Glynn Photography

The kitchen was completely restructured. Jennison moved her to the center of the room to play with the open concept. The cabinets, if you have recognized them, yes, are from IKEA.

After: Vintage air Jessica Glynn Photography

Jennison wanted to capture her personal taste in the kitchen and added gold details, such as faucets or handles. With the subway tile and other details the interior designer wanted to give a vintage touch to this space.

After: Details Jessica Glynn Photography

As a good interior designer, he knows the power of small details and applied that knowledge to his house. This photo is a good example of this.

After: Bedroom Jessica Glynn Photography

The new bedroom is spectacular, we can not stop looking at the paper behind the bed, certainly the protagonist of this room.

After: Bath Jessica Glynn Photography

Even so, it is the bathroom that we would all like to take home. Since the original house did not have a bathroom on the second floor, they had to turn the office into one giving space to have a large bathtub in it.

Before: First step Jessica Glynn Photography

The first step? Destroy the whole house. "I wanted a space that was warm and cozy," says Jennison. "Where my children could play comfortably but also be sophisticated." That's why Jennison threw all the interior walls to create an open concept. After doing this, she discovered some more than charming elements that were previously hidden - such as the original beams or brick walls as well as a fireplace.

Before: All separate Jessica Glynn Photography

"We threw away the existing wall and held our breath for a few seconds, waiting for the brick wall to be in good condition," Jennison told Today. "We really were very lucky." To throw the walls supposed to open the space, enough.

Before: A narrow house Jessica Glynn Photography

Jennison also knocked down the walls of the lobby and removed the closet from the stairs to make the house look much wider.

Via: House Beautiful US