11 daily habits to keep a clean home

11 daily habits to keep a clean home

Let's accept it, nobody wants to waste time cleaning their house, and it's normal ... That's why we have asked several bloggers what are your daily habits to keep your homes in condition, and we have good news ... because you only need a few minutes to carry them out!

1. Remove shoes when entering home

In Danielle Lackey's house shoes are not allowed beyond the entrance door. "I have three children who usually play on the floor, and our shoes are full of germs and dirt!" As your family already knows the rule, a beautiful exterior wooden panel is responsible for notifying visitors when they arrive ...

2. Make the bed

Before leaving in the morning, Amy Bell always makes her bed. "Although the rest of the bedroom is not tidy, a bed made makes everything seem impolite," he says.

3. Clean the shower

"We always clean the screen after showering to prevent stains and dirt," says Deanne Goodman. "It only took 20 seconds, and the screen is clean and bright!"

4. Clean the sink

The blogger Traci Hutcherson keeps a pack of wipes (like baby ones) under the sink. "They are ideal for cleaning the sink quickly." Try it, and you will never find a stain of toothpaste!

5. Clean the kitchen countertop

"Every night I clean the kitchen countertop with a homemade solution (one part of vinegar, three parts of water and some dishwasher) that I store in a spray," says the blogger Camilla Fabbri. "Vinegar is great against grease and also removes stains from stainless steel appliances."

6. Clean at the moment

To blogger Chelsea Morhman doesn't like to go to sleep with dirty cooking, so his trick is to do it while he's cooking. "If I have something inside the oven, I work to clean the countertop and scrub the dishes," he says. "I try to make everything clean when it's time for dinner, and so, all we have to do next is put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher."

7. Pass the mop before going to bed

It takes Mary Beth Cooper seven minutes every night to pass the mop to the first floor of her house. A quick pass prevents the appearance of dust!

8. Tidy up the house before going to sleep

Before going to bed, Fabbri and his family leave the house tidy. They pick up the dog's toys, check the mail, hang the jackets and put everything in its place. "As everyone helps with homework, it takes less than five minutes, and the next morning we feel much better!"

9. Pick up scattered clothes

In almost every bedroom there is a chair that starts empty on Mondays ... and ends up full of clothes on Fridays! Unless you follow Debra Johnson's advice: "Before you go to sleep, put the dirty clothes in the basket and hang the clean clothes in the closet. When you get up, fold your pajamas and store it!"

10. Ventilate the house

"I always open the front and back doors so that the house is ventilated, but if it's cold outside, I just leave them open for a few minutes," says Sherry Petersik. "It helps to renew the air in the house, and makes the environment cooler."

11. Close any door

And the last trick! The blogger Jeanne Oliver knows that it is impossible to have the whole house clean and organized at the same time, especially with three children's bedrooms ... "I have begun to accept it and now, I simply close the doors of their rooms," he says. "If the main floor is neat and I can hide the rest, I will probably start inviting more people home!"

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