Do you study or work? A hotel in Amsterdam

Do you study or work? A hotel in Amsterdam

In a quiet neighborhood of the city, with beautiful single-family houses with brick facades, overlooking one of the great canals and multiple young people who travel by bicycle - as it could not be otherwise in Amsterdam - is the new The Student Hotel, an establishment that surprises already from the outside. The hotel stands in the old facilities where the Dutch newspaper Trouw and Parool was printed years ago, a completely restored building, with modern and spacious rooms, which have all kinds of comfort, logical in an accommodation of its category. But they also include curious details and other people's to other hotels, such as postcards with motivational phrases, informative brochures and news about the many events planned by the organization and whose goal is for guests to meet and enjoy a different experience together. A unique city

The interior design, the architecture and even the visual identity took care of the Dutch creative studio ..., staat , for whom the challenge was that guests really felt at home and that students enjoy to the fullest what is probably going to be the most inspiring time of their lives.

Among its 571 rooms there are double, single, suites, mini apartments with kitchen ... but also spaces to study or work and areas to develop a pleasant social life that are part of your proposal, which also highlights the restaurant The Pool, conceived by Bunmi Okolosi, and with a Mediterranean-inspired menu with a selection of tapas included.

Three spaces of co-working, a gym, classrooms, a common area with cabins for Ted Talks, Game rooms, a library and university classrooms next to meeting rooms for professionals, complete the extensive offer of this unique accommodation, half large hotel, half major school.

In addition, guests can make use of one of the 600 bicycles that they will find at their disposal in a curious parking lot and that constitute the basic means of transport in this city.

Young students from all over Europe populate the halls of The Student Hotel and have the possibility of renting one of their rooms during the whole school period at a special price and at the same time, their family and friends have the possibility to visit them and spend a few days with they in the same space, although in a room of different characteristics and with prices ranging from € 50 to € 250.

Design, comfort, fun and quality of life are cited in this new concept of accommodation that belongs to a group led by Scottish Charlie MacGregor, and already has seven hotels throughout Europe, two of them in Barcelona, ​​and with more than Fifteen under construction. You can already study the possibility of visiting any of them ...

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The furniture and accessories are inspired by those of the typical room of a student residence and the desk is the main protagonist in all rooms.

To feel at home

The hotel rooms are modern and spacious, and feature coffee and tea machines, toiletries and large, comfortable beds.

Personal details

Each bedroom is decorated with friendly posters and motivational messages that make you feel unique, as if no one had occupied this room before. Its striking colors contrast with the gray walls, which serve as canvas.

Good views

Light is essential, especially in northern European countries, which have to make the most of each ray of light. In the bedrooms stand out the large windows overlooking a charming neighborhood, populated by students from all countries.

I invite you to dinner

Some bedrooms have small kitchens equipped with what is necessary for an informal dinner or a light meal. Ideal to finish an exhausting day of tourism or work in the city.

Practical and functional

The bathroom, equipped with a shower cubicle, has everything necessary for personal hygiene. The coatings, in black slate, contrast with the white toilets. A very successful two-color binomial.


At the reception, yellow stands out, one of the corporate colors of The Student Hotel, and the bicycle in this same tone, which is almost a symbol of the city. The receptionists, a young and multiracial team, dress informally and make sure to give their help to all guests.

Mix of styles

The lobby, Very spacious and comfortable, it is divided into different areas. The intention of transmitting energy is clear and for this an original mixture of design pieces, new and vintage.

We are in touch

The common areas are specially designed to provide an environment suitable for social and intellectual relations in a very attractive period in life.

Game time

Sometimes the inspiration comes in the moments of relaxation ... That is why a careful leisure and games area has been organized, which will be increased soon with the construction of a sports club with an Olympic swimming pool.

Exchange of opinions

Library and booth for TED Talkss. In this magic circle, people go to attend talks with very varied speakers, who offer their vision on different professional and vital fields. A great opportunity for the training of young people and adults wanting to learn.

We go to the pool?

The pool It is the suggestive name of the hotel restaurant. The explanation for this name is found in the sensations conveyed by the word: meeting, party, fun, relaxation ... this is how they want at The Student Hotel that we feel at the place led by Bunmi Okolosi and of clear Mediterranean inspiration.

All together

Classic in European venues, in addition to individual tables, the venue has more spacious and open banks that allow sharing experiences with guests and students from all countries of the world.

tasty tasty

The culinary offer, although we find it surprising, includes a Mediterranean-inspired menu and an extensive and careful menu of tapas. Olé!

Warm and comfortable

The materials: tile, wood, metal, have been successfully combined to convey a warm and relaxed atmosphere and, although aesthetics prevail factory, There are fun elements that take us to Miami Beach.

Good morning, bon appetit

The breakfast is composed of an exquisite buffet in which you could not miss the sweets, but these coexist with toast, oil and tomato ... You will feel at home!

With views

The place, with a large window to the street, invites you to enter its comfortable interior. The chairs stand out, a reinterpretation of the Thonet, Dyed in warm colors.

I see you well

Two lifeguard chairs preside over an area of ​​the restaurant and remind us that this is a space fun friendly.

Purple color

In addition to breakfast, lunch or dinner at The Pool you can enjoy delicious cocktails and lively meetings, such as the one held on the occasion of the inauguration of the hotel.

I like what I see

A declaration of intentions: Everyone should like everyone. That is the attitude that is breathed throughout the hotel.

Let's go to the gim!

The gym, for use by casual guests and students, is fully equipped.

The facade

The building that houses the hotel today was an old newspaper and has been completely renovated until it is transformed into the comfortable accommodation it is today.

We go on terraces

We must seize the sunny moments and in Holland even more; Therefore, the hotel restaurant has a terrace, populated by hammocks, which transports us to warm landscapes and distant beaches.