Hither Green: a rocking house between color and creativity

Hither Green: a rocking house between color and creativity

Megan Taylor

A vintage house with double facade in London, a young couple of newlyweds, and an interior design studio born to feel the color. With such protagonists, it was clear that the work could not disappoint.

And if the boys of 2LG Studio are famous for something, it is because of the use of color and the juxtaposition of classic and contemporary elements in all their designs. Therefore, when they saw this house in South London that claimed an injection of personality, they were clear about what their task would be.

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To turn the house into a home with all the letters, The team was based on two premises:

- The dark floors they would be used to join spaces, thus allowing the rest of the interior design to give more color and creativity.

- The painted paper It would enhance the impact of chimneys and period moldings, providing the perfect setting to add eclectic elements of contemporary design in lighting and furniture.

Related content A small apartment in size, but large in style Megan Taylor Megan Taylor A beautiful bubble gum pink knot cushion decorates this upholstered armchair in style nude. Next to it, the floor lamp mint Complete the range of pastel tones. Megan Taylor Megan Taylor The dining room stands out for the disparity of colors of the chairs, which provide an undoubted feeling of joy enhanced by the contrast of dark tones that we find on the floor and the fireplace. Megan Taylor Megan Taylor Megan Taylor The kitchen, decorated with a marble front and a chromatic range of soft tones, is bright and cozy. In addition, the height of the ceilings and the choice of lacquered door furniture with hidden handles increase the visual space. Megan Taylor The small decorative details in pink, accentuate the sweetness of the atmosphere. Megan Taylor Megan Taylor In the bathroom, two sinks located symmetrically are flanked by eye-catching dusty pink tiles. On the sides, two indigo blue cabinets provide the contrast in the company of the tiled floor with the effect of laminated wood. Megan Taylor The bathtub, with minimalist air, gains a touch of grace through the appliqués and the faucets in matt black. Decorating the wall, an illustration of contemporary style. Megan Taylor The whole bathroom follows the same color pattern. Beside the shower, a cute closet in the same indigo blue as those flanking the sink. Megan Taylor The baby's room moves away completely from the traditional pink and blue to bet on an original mix starring the yellow color and the wallpaper with geometric motifs. Megan Taylor The design of the room gives off the magic of the Nordic style. Megan Taylor The wooden cradle, becomes a piece of art. Megan Taylor

Information and project: Courtesy of 2LG Studio.