A rural house renovated with love in Cerezales del Condado

A rural house renovated with love in Cerezales del Condado

The Vallín de Lan

The Vallín de Lan, which takes its name from a valley located in the mountains of the Leon town of Cerezales del Condado, is an old house with more than a century of history that has been renovated maintaining its original structure.

It has a total area of ​​250 m2 plot, in which this refuge of 110 m2 stands. Distributed on two floors and a porch, it has three bedrooms, kitchen, living room, two bathrooms and garden with seating area.

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Of traditional architecture, It is built using materials from the area. We can observe in its walls the technique of masonry in which only mortar composed of mud and straw was used, joining stones or mampuestos and chosen one by one so that the set maintains stability.

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Throughout the last century, the use of the house has been varied, it is intuited, perhaps, that It could be used as housing, but in the last half century I act mainly, as stable and haystacks.

In 2014 its restoration begins, ending in 2018. Maintaining its original structure and exterior distribution, the roof is replaced in its entirety, the masonry is cleaned and sealed using lime mortar, white cement and sand.

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This mixture is also used in the plastering of the walls, imitating the white color that is remembered. Inside, the masonry in the foundations and the adobe remains visible, as far as possible, and the mezzanine is rebuilt using wood and laminated pine beams.

The Vallín de Lan The Vallín de Lan

One of the main premises of this intervention was allow the passage of natural light in all roomss, so they resorted to large windows with aluminum profiles and wood finish that guarantee insulation. A luminosity that was maximized by having painted all the walls and carpentry in white.

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In the kitchen, as in the rest of the house, you can perfectly appreciate this coexistence between the new and the old. In this space a perfect connection has been achieved between custom design, in which innovation, functionality, design and comfort prevail, and the rustic style of Vallín.

The Vallín de Lan The Vallín de Lan Wicker baskets and cupboards connect the rustic style of El Vallín with its originality and elegance. The Vallín de Lan

Open concept, and sharing space with the kitchen, the dining room completes the stay. The separation between both environments is achieved with a pampered decoration in which carefully restored rustic elements are not lacking, and vegetable touches that integrate the space with the outdoor garden.

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In the bedrooms and the access stairs to the second floor, you can clearly see the use and coexistence between the furniture designed and manufactured by the owners, and the pieces chosen by them.

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Each bedroom is decorated in a different style: the one on the ground floor is more classic; one of the two bedrooms on the second floor, more youthful, with Nordic airs; and the master bedroom is more classic and country style.

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The accommodation has two bathrooms with shower, one on each floor.

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Grass and stone is the garden from El Vallín, with reading and resting area.

The Vallín de Lan

By respecting the structural beauty of the house and rehabilitating it with great care, its owners have made it look its years with style, making it the ideal refuge to spend the holidays.

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Information and photos: Courtesy of El Vallín de Lan Rural Cottage