A house in harmony

A house in harmony

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Unifying functionality and design is not an easy task, although after seeing the final result of this “and a half” house it seems to sew and sing. The owners decided to buy the house next door and keep a part, to join it with theirs, and put the rest on sale. For the reform and the choice of furniture they had the help of the interior design studio Meredith Interiors. The priority objective of the project was to balance the distribution of spaces, since they were totally decompensated.

With this it was possible to integrate differentiated areas, such as the bedroom, the office and the living room, while the kitchen and the hall served as a link to the whole. As for the furniture, minimalist pieces were chosen that perfectly combine practicality and aesthetics. The shades range from the broken white of the walls or the metallic gray of the floor, to the metallic mink of the dining room and the bookcase. The decoration as a whole is eclectic and, although it tends to mix styles, the final result is contemporary and refined. Next to the furniture, aesthetic elements of great impact stand out: it is the case of the paintings of the living room and the kitchen, of the red door that receives us in the hall or of the striking lamps. But what interior designer Javier Meredith is particularly proud of in this reform is lighting, certainly an important chapter in the final result of this house.

Natural light, which enters from different angles, mixes wisely with artificial lighting. This reaches the rooms either through direct elements, represented by floor, table or ceiling lamps, or by ambient lights, such as LED beacons strategically placed throughout the house. In this way, it is possible to pass without stridency of the dim light at maximum intensity. In short, an intelligent reform with personalized, versatile, regular spaces, without dead angles, which result in a warm and serene home, equipped with technical resources of audio, television and home automation. All this designed to make everyday life much more pleasant.

Advertising - Continue reading below Full integration of the living room and dining room

The division of environments in the living room - living room and dining room - has facilitated the visual integration of the spaces. The photographs stand out in the decoration, where the furniture and accessories of current lines predominate. Natural light, very present, takes full prominence. Mec sofa, distributed by Meredith Interiors. Center and auxiliary tables, cube-shaped, by Sofía Calleja. BSB carpet. Framed photos, from Anmoder. FLAT>

Gathering atmosphere in the lounge

Transformed into a comfortable meeting space, the lounge invites you to have long conversations on the sofa or in the comfortable vintage armchairs. The natural light that flows through the large window is reinforced with lamps and LEDs scattered throughout the house. Pair of old armchairs reupholstered in beige chenille, from El Ocho. Table lamp by Sofía Calleja. FLAT>

Pieces that add color

The gray finish laminate that covers the floors throughout the house stands out strikingly against the broken white of the walls. Agora Nordic armchair and side table, by L. A. Studio. FLAT>

Retro air decoration

There are pieces that because of their functionality and design are timeless, such as the floor lamp and the sideboard of the hall. They are vintage style furniture that marry perfectly with current decorative elements. Sideboard, from Brut Space; floor lamp, by Sofía Calleja; leather rug, from Goes Home. Vases, from El Ocho y bowl, from Zara Home.
Vases on the sideboard>

Vases on the sideboard

Vases, from El Ocho y bowl, from Zara Home. FLAT>

The dinner room

It is chaired by a table with original miter-shaped legs. A very current trend, which we also see in this house, is to locate a work library next to the dining room. The one in the image, in the corner, has sliding glass panels to acid, which allow to show or hide part of it. Baltus table and bookstore; both, distributed by the Meredith Interiors study. Chairs, from El Ocho.

Dining room open to the bedroom

Both focal points were placed on the ceiling and on the floor; This is the original lamp and the impressive carpet that covers this area with roses. In the background I saw the bedroom, which has a work area. The rug with relief brings richness and texture to a room where the simplicity of lines is predominant. Rose wool rug, by Helen Amy Murray for TRC, at BSB. Ceiling lamp designed and distributed by Meredith Interiors.
+ carpets>

The kitchen has a distribution in L

The kitchen has a storage area and another cooking very well distributed. A column was used to place behind it a table with stools that make up the office. Gray countertop, from Silestone. Kitchen cabinets, table and stools, from Ikea. Crockery, for sale at Zara Home. FLAT>

Kitchen in white and red

The intense color of the lamp, of the door that communicates with the hall and of some accessories stands out over the unpolished white that reigns in the kitchen. A mosaic-shaped mirror and a reproduction of a work by Keith Haring animate the walls and break their uniformity. Red lamp, from Ikea; mirror, of Anmoder and ancient siphons, of El Ocho. FLAT>

The work area and the bathroom have been integrated into the bedroom

Travel to the bathroom is minimized thanks to its integration into the bedroom. The washbasin in sight contrasts with the intimacy that is sensed behind the access door to the shower area and the toilets. Wall-headboard and countertop in lacquered wood with grain, by Meredith Interiors. Carpet and hair cushions, from Goes Home. Quadrants, from Zara Home. Washbasin, by Villeroy & Bosch. Grifo, from Zuchetti. Coatings, from Peña Tiles. FLAT>

Headboard and bedside tables

To make it more functional, at the ends of the wall that acts as a headboard, practical spotlights with flexible arm were installed to orient the light. FLAT>

Washbasin area

The sink and shower, visible from the bed, integrate seamlessly thanks to the coincidence of colors and finishes. Thermostatic mixer taps, Ideal Standard. Towels, from Zara Home. FLAT>


Behind the door, decorated with acid etched letters, which maintains privacy, are the shower area and the toilet. One more example of how to make the most of space and intelligently. Door, by Meredith Interiors. Extra flat shower tray, by Jacob Delafon, distributed by Meredith Interiors. Solid walnut side table, from L.A. Studio FLAT>


- From the dining room you access the master bedroom, which has a work space; To make it independent of the rest area, a practical wall was used that, on the side of the bed, acts as a headboard. To make it more functional, practical light bulbs with flexible arm were installed at its ends to guide the light.
- The study corner shares space with the dressing area, consisting of large fitted wardrobes that form an L; White and without handles, they practically blend in with the wall.