The perfect distribution for your kitchen

The perfect distribution for your kitchen

In parallel, in "L", in "U", with peninsula, with island ... We show you all the keys to organize your kitchen according to space

Advertising - Read on below 1 Very well equipped

With furniture of the Tiber series, of Forma, in this kitchen the cooking and water areas have been arranged in "L" to take advantage of the space. On the long wall is the plate, the oven and the bell, flanked by tall cabinets, some with glass doors, lighter. Next to it, the fridge has been paneled to match the furniture laminate. Perpendicular to the water zone, a fast food bar.

2 With a useful bar

The peninsula serves as a bar thanks to the double curb. Perpendicular to it, different open shelves, made to measure, allow you to store boats, spices ...

3 Tapped to the millimeter

If your kitchen is square or rectangular and its meters allow it, do not hesitate to arrange the furniture in "U": you will gain work surface and meters to store.
In this kitchen the furniture was made to measure, occupying three fronts, but the result is not overwhelming thanks to the fact that white fronts were chosen, a color that visually expands the entire space.
To gain extra storage space, without overwhelming, cabinets were placed at two heights on the wing occupied by the large furniture-pantry. That is, on the double-door refrigerator and the furnace column, a second line of narrower cabinets was installed.
The fire zone and the sink are in the same wing; and in the next one, under the window, goes the built-in dishwasher and storage modules.

4 tall cabinets

The wall with windows was left free of tall cabinets and installed on the entire opposite front.

5 Office well lit

Illuminated by the ceiling lamp and natural light. An exempt closet is useful for storing utensils. In parallel with a small dining room The best way to take advantage of the space in an elongated kitchen is to place the furniture in parallel, taking advantage of two facing walls. This was done in this kitchen, which is committed to clear finishes in walls and furniture to increase the feeling of space.
With ideas that seek to take advantage of the space, the reform project is by the decorator Loles Armengol. The first was the installation of two facing furniture wings, with Eilin signature cabinets, lacquered in bright green water. For the countertop we also opted for a light tone, Blanco Zeus, from Silestone.
The narrow floor of the kitchen did not allow a dining area to be installed, however, a very wise decision was made: to throw the partition that separated it from the next room to install the space gained a dining room, furnished with wooden table and chairs and a piece of furniture that combines white and glazed fronts.

6 With differentiated areas

With good judgment it was decided to put the water area, sink and dishwasher on the window wall; and on the opposite, the cooking zone was placed with a fire plate and oven. Facing the peninsula, a large piece of furniture with the built-in fridge.

7 A mini peninsula that delimits the office

If the floor of your kitchen is rectangular or square and the space is sufficient, an effective solution is to install a peninsula. It offers many advantages: it makes the space in the center profitable; it is used by both sides; Increase the meters for storage, delimit areas, can include a bar for breakfast and fast food ...
In this kitchen, the multifunction peninsula serves to separate the work area from the office; its interior includes large drawers and large capacity shelves; In addition, its countertop houses the area of ​​fires, equipped with ceramic hob. And it also serves as a bar.
Here it is played with the contrast between the furniture, with doors and fronts in white laminate, and the laminate that imitates black stone of the countertop, to achieve a modern look. High and low modules occupy the entire back wall from floor to ceiling, with furnaces located at medium height, a position that is more ergonomic.

8 With a multifunction island

Equipped with Dakota furniture, from Vegasa, in warm cherry, this kitchen is organized around an island located in the center. This includes the plate and a food bar, thanks to the ruffled edge of the black granite countertop. Next to the window, a tall closet with glass and cherry doors allows the loading pillar to be hidden. A large column cabinet occupies the wall and houses the refrigerator and ovens.

9 With L-shaped peninsula

In order to gain space, a partition was removed, so that now the kitchen is open to the living room. It was equipped with custom-made oak furniture by Acana Armarios, distributed on four fronts. The peninsula extends into "L" and has a CaesarStone countertop from Levantina, which has been blown up on one side to have a bar. A floor-to-ceiling pantry column includes large drawers, a refrigerator and built-in ovens at medium height.

10 Island and bar

An island requires about 90 cm of free space around it, to facilitate movement and opening of the doors.

11 With custom furniture

In this kitchen, with a narrow and elongated floor, custom-made modules at different heights were installed in "L", to take full advantage of the space, and save certain setbacks in the wall. In the longest, the cooking and water zones, and in the adjacent one, modules to be able to store. The appliances are all embedded.

12 Functional and in a small space

In small, rectangular or square kitchens, the "L" distribution makes the space more profitable, as it has been done in this, attic.
Two perpendicular wings of furniture make the most of the meters in this kitchen, equipped with Faktum furniture and fronts and drawers Abstrakt, from Ikea, in gloss white, color that visually expands the space.
Tall cabinets, some with doors and others open, were chosen at different heights to follow the inclination of the ceiling and take advantage of the entire wall. In this wing the low modules include the water zone. In the adjacent wing goes the cooking zone. On the opposite wall, the office area, with the Melltorp table, by Ikea.

13 In black and green

With a window on one side, and a glass that separates it from the living room, on another, this kitchen has almost no walls for tall cabinets, but the "U" distribution of the low modules takes advantage of the space. The microwave rests on a shelf in the wall.

14 With bar in the window

This small kitchen is distributed in "U", but the black and white contrast of its finishes gives lightness, and the ceramic floor in depth gives depth. In the area under the window, the white countertop becomes a useful bar. To take into account ... When reforming your kitchen there are aspects that favor ergonomics and that you should not overlook:
To comfortably open doors, cabinets and drawers, try to have a minimum distance of 1.20 m between two furniture wings facing each other.
The work surface to cook should have a width of 80 cm and be located between the cooking zone and the water zone.
You will gain comfort if you put the countertop at a height between 85 and 90 cm. Do not put the high modules more than 1.40 m from the ground.

15 Blank and red

This kitchen, the Xey Alpine model, is equipped with bright red furniture on three fronts. To lighten it, it was decided to put some glass doors in the upper modules; and also a metal shutter door in the furnace column. The choice of a white laminate countertop brings a lot of light and gives a break to the red one. Good idea! If you put the fire, water and storage areas forming a triangle, you will avoid unnecessary displacements.