Live, eat, sleep… on 30 m²

Live, eat, sleep… on 30 m²


- Install the same pavement throughout the space to achieve a double objective: to create a feeling of greater amplitude and achieve visual continuity and spatial fluidity between the environments, which will make them appear wider.
- Circulation in a small space is of vital importance. Any obstacle along the way will reinforce the idea that it is too small to be comfortable. Therefore, the entrance and the area in front of the kitchen must be left clear, and narrows between areas of frequent passage must be avoided.

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All in one: Living room, dining room, kitchen and bedroom in just 30 m². To achieve this, an imaginary line was drawn that divides the space into two: on the left, the kitchen and dining room; and on the right, the living room and bedroom separated by a perpendicular shelf.

The dining area

In general, it is convenient to locate the dining room next to the kitchen, but, whenever possible, do not place it in front of the work area because you will greatly limit the freedom of movement.

In the dining room

Choose an extendable dining table, so you don't take up much space permanently.

Versatile furniture

Lighten the space in the living room with nest tables. A traditional coffee table, 1.20 m long, can be too large and hinder the passage in this area.

Work furniture

Replace the headboard with a low piece of furniture, which also makes a bedside table. This one also has shelves for placing books. And if you look at the photo of the environment and the plan, you will see that it runs through a wall. Design it by combining shelves, drawers and cabinets, according to your needs.

Plan and ideas for reform

Expand the space by eliminating partitions. In such a small apartment, partitions are unnecessary and reduce space excessively.

Resort to separating elements To make the environments independent. It is very effective to place a library without a back because, in addition to separating, it serves as a storage element that can be accessed from both sides: bedroom and living area.