Fashion coatings

Fashion coatings

We agree: the coatings are not changed every season. Just like year after year we encourage you to buy a new bag or blouse to be a it girl -indeed, fashion works by micro-trends-, the walls and floors resist longer. And is that the materials move by macro trends that last about 7 years. After that period, the house already seems outdated and, calculator in hand, we dream of a modern look for her.

A change of materials implies money and works. But there will be no use for investment and fuss if the structure is in bad shape. A wall full of holes - why would I hang so many paintings? - With damp or cracks, any new paint, paper or ceramic will dazzle. Therefore, before starting, a structure remodeling: fill holes, solve leaks and insulate the house from noise, heat and cold. Supafil, from Knauf Insulation, blows mineral wool into the exterior walls to ensure thermal and acoustic insulation.

But, What is carried in coatings? Marta Guiu, Color Advisor of the firm Bruguer, tells us about a trend that is inspired by emotions, with a look towards the past: "The moment leads us to look for old furniture to create something new, and create it ourselves." A search that moves to the materials: papers, ceramics and even vinyl reinterpret designs of yesteryear. As for the tones, "the trend is based on mixtures of warm colors, such as dark green, indigo blue, purple or ocher, with neutrals: raw, beige and gray." And the materials are enriched with textures to create "spaces that invite to enter, rather than to leave".

Advertising - Keep reading below Only one color wall

It is a trend: more decorative importance is attached to a single wall of the room, and it is painted in a color that has visual impact - blue, green, red ... - while the rest of the walls and ceiling are covered only in white. Painting by Farrow & Ball (€ 40.48 / 2.5 liters approx.).

Match colors

When you paint the wall in a different tone to white, the architectural elements - windows, doors and radiators - must be adapted to the new finish to avoid unfortunate contrasts. These windows and radiators were painted white to match the paint Blue Agave Valacryl, Valentine's Day (€ 15 / l).

Washable paint for suffered walls

It usually happens: the child leaves fingerprints around the switches, the meat sauce goes off and splashes the wall ... Life leaves its small footprints every day in our homes. The painting Tropical Water, from the collection Vibrations, Bruguer, is washable to make a new wall and blur (€ 32.45 / 2.5 l).

Play with the tones

Combine two colors in one room. Paint a wall in a striking tone and tint it with a more discreet color on the other three walls. Valentine's Day: drops of the collection Nature and paint the brushes.

Painted walls with patterned motifs

For lovers of "do it yourself", The Painted House It has a system with two rollers that work together. The first, smooth, takes the paint from the bucket and wets the second, which has figures in relief. The result? The wall is decorated with the motif you prefer. Applicator and roller set (from € 32.65).

Walls with message

The panoramic design consists of a paper with a large motif - a landscape, a flower, an animal ... - that partially decorates the wall. This model belongs to the collection So Wall, of Casadeco, and reproduce the poem If, from Rudyard Kipling. At 2.80 x 1.10 m (€ 195.85).

This wall looks like ceramic

But it is actually a wallpaper from the collection Tiles, of the signature Coordonné, which evokes designs made on other materials, such as ceramics, mud or stone. The model Scales, specifically, it is inspired by the tiles used in Barcelona's modernist architecture by Antonio Gaudí (€ 189.90 / 9 meter roll).

Paper with sparkles

The collection For the, of the firm Élitis, reproduces the pearly glass paste. The Barocco model paper represents a floral brocade in turquoise and coral tones, but it is also available in three other dye variants: pink and gold; parma and white; and red and pink (€ 218.28 / 10 meter roll at Le Mûrier).

Vividly colored vinyl paper

When the designers of the collection Vitamine, from Caselio, they started working on the model Stockholm, They decided on bright colors that caused optimism and transmitted energy: pink, green, orange and blue. On a light background - that captures natural light and multiplies it within the room - geometric patterns provide an extra dose of vitality. Vinyl wallpaper on non-woven (€ 46.65 / roll approx.).

Flower wallpaper

The flowers harmonize with stick pink, water green and cobalt blue tones in the new wallpapers of the collection Dove Camengo (€ 71.50 / 10 m approx.).

Ceramic walls

The model Al Andalus, Dune signature, is composed of two pieces; each of them measures 25 x 75 cm, which in turn are divided into 12 modules of different design separated by a precut, which can be joined again after placing them on the wall. Therefore, the possibilities of combining and achieving a unique final design multiply. Each module is made of glass pastes, which give shine and relief to the designs. On the ground, the model Milano Cement It reflects the tendency to incorporate industrial air floors into the houses, with ceramic floors that are inspired by materials previously reserved for ships and factories, such as cement. Al Andalus (€ 59.18 / two pieces). Milano Cement, in pieces of 60 x 60 cm (€ 31.54 / m2).

Hydraulic tiles

The intention of Drops is to get away from the floral and geometric designs typical of hydraulic flooring. The model consists of four pieces that represent raindrops on fish, water lilies and lotus flowers. His intentions? Walk on a relaxing Japanese pond inside the house. From € 100 / m2. It is a Mut Design design for Enticdesigns.

Hydraulic tiles with geometric patterns

From right to left: Hydraulic tiles Keidos, from Mut Design, inspired by the kaleidoscope (from € 100) and Gramercy, from Imagine Tile.

Ceramic tiles

The tiles that form the model Liberty Nácar, from the Keraben firm, they reflect the light. The delicate game of flashes and shadows they cause, transforms the wall into a living surface, which varies and is transformed according to the luminosity. In pieces of 24 x 69 cm (€ 31.30 / m2).

Decorate the wall with a personal collage

Your favorite photos, a single image that you want to enlarge pixelated ... Ixxi it transforms them into a flexible coating to place on the wall or separate environments. It also has its own image bank (from € 29.50).

Vinyl inspired by the world of comics

For cartoon lovers, Aparici proposes Comic Decor, digital printing on a piece of 31.6 x 59.2 cm (€ 7.7). The yellow phone is a 30 x 25 cm retro vinyl (€ 25 on ameboide.com).

Glass walls

SGG Planilaque Evolution, from Saint-Gobain Glass Design, it is a high quality lacquered glass that adds to the depth of color the brightness of the glass. The result is an aesthetic combination, suitable for interiors of all styles, which illuminates the environment through reflections. Easy to install, its moisture resistance makes it ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. To maintain it, simply pass a soft cloth and a glass cleaning product. In addition to coating, SGG Planilaque Evolution It can also be used on doors and furniture.

A wall lined with boards

Made of medium density fibers, the boards Albian olive tree, of the range Novadur, They have a silky touch and an antiallergic surface without pores that facilitates cleaning. The slats, 280 x 32.5 cm, are installed vertically, horizontally and in baseboards. They are from Faus Decor.

Porcelain floor with drawings

The alternation of prints forms a dynamic floor. Series Porcelain Vaudeville, de Vives Cerámica: octagon Shadow Variette, in 20 x 20 cm (€ 29.65 / m2) and heel, in 4 x 4 cm (€ 0.37 each).

Multi-layer parquet

Parquet slats Biarritz oak, from the collection Marine, They follow the pattern of the deck of a ship. Over time, the wood darkens slightly and increases its beauty. In tables of 20 x 242.3 cm (€ 103.90 / m2). From Kährs.

Natural wood flooring

Natural wood is worn, in aged and matt finishes. Quick-Step: parquet Variano Oiled White Painted Oak, in 220 x 19 cm (€ 49.95 / m2); on the right, Pure Oak Oak Empire, in 220 x 22 cm (€ 83.55 / m2).

Ultra-thin porcelain floor

With only 3 mm thick, Techlam® -of the Levantina firm- is a porcelain sheet that, being so thin, can be placed on the previous floor without removing it. In addition, it is not necessary to level it to match the floors of the next room or the doors. The formats, up to 1 x 3 m, allow installation with hardly any joints, which facilitates cleaning. Waterproof, it is suitable for kitchens and bathrooms. Model Hydra Beige (from € 33 / m2). Also for wall.