From ghostly flat to chic rental housing in Chamberí

From ghostly flat to chic rental housing in Chamberí

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When the girls from R de Room arrived at this floor of Cristóbal Bordiú street in the central Madrid neighborhood of Chamberí, They did not see a house in ruins, but a house with many possibilities. Its owner, who had inherited it several years ago, was afraid of facing a comprehensive reform, but until then had a wasted asset that only generated expenses, with immense potential for long-term rental.

Having been empty for a long time and not having suffered any work before, the floor was in quite bad condition, with a decoration anchored in the past. The first step to bring it back to life? Change the distribution.

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Originally, the house consisted of two bedrooms, a small living room, a kitchen, and a separate dining room. But considering that, currently, the dimensions of the furniture are not what they were fifty years ago, and that the main objective was to rent the house, it was preferable to sacrifice a bedroom so as not to have to give up functional and comfortable spaces.

The definitive distribution consisted, therefore, of a single bedroom with an en suite toilet, a spacious and bright living room with integrated kitchen, and a full bathroom with shower and plenty of storage space.

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Another of the fundamental points of the design was recover the old brick wall and the height of the ceilings, that lowered just enough to allow the passage of new facilities.

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As for the interior design, a neutral environment was sought, which could please a wide spectrum of potential tenants, while providing an elegant and different image. Hence the mustard touches and the color points of the cushions, simple details that give the whole great personality.

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The kitchen, Mini size, it was solved with a black Smeg fridge free, since the lack of space prevented installing a conventional model.

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On the other hand, the finishes were chosen with great care, balancing the quality of the coatings with their durability and appearance, and taking care of the details to fit each piece well and gain as much storage as possible.

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The contemporary airs that dominate the aesthetics of the house, also enhance all the light that was won with the reform. Further, the furniture is light, functional and versatile, chosen according to the size of the rooms.

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The reform was so successful that the house only lasted a few hours published in the well-known real estate portals, until it was rented.

Next, we show you the photos from before, so that you flirt a ratillo… 😜

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