Keys to organize the bathroom

Keys to organize the bathroom


Organize well and you will gain space

Keys to success. If your bathroom is small, think of a good distribution, respecting the distances that allow loose and unobstructed use. Take advantage and squeeze every corner well.

The perfect ally. Choose modular furniture that suits your needs, and combine them to gain as much space as possible. Use the top of the toilet, it is a dead zone that you can use as extra storage. Try to make the furniture blown or with light legs, you will give depth and get to see the bigger space than it really is. Like this Ikea space.

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Bathroom furniture: Open or closed?

The closed furniture They are a classic and although the interior is not visible, an order must be maintained.


In the drawers, put separators to have everything located, and if you have shelves, use boxes and group by categories. The goal is to find everything at first when you open it.

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Bathroom shelves

The multifunctional furniture They earn a place where there is none and are an extra storage.


Shelves, carts, columns ... are versatile and you have countless models, materials and sizes. Find the ones that best suit your bathroom. Those of straight shapes and little background they do not visually overload the walls and lighten the space. Ikea environment.

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Store height

The shelves They are perfect for vertical storage. Try to have 30 cm of distance between them. Put what you use every day in baskets or boxes. You will facilitate its use and you will not punish the hinges of doors and drawers.

La Redoute Interieurs

If you want to have the towels in sight, fold in boxes or curlers, and choose a color for each family member. This way you will identify them quickly.

In the shower, just right!

Do not accumulate unnecessary products, as it is the area most exposed to moisture. Gel, shampoo, sponge and little else.


Choose accessories Light, easy to clean and quality, such as baskets grid that you can hang and paste with suction cups without damaging the tiles.