The wallpapers that will change your life

The wallpapers that will change your life

When you see these wallpapers you will want ideas to decorate the walls with them. Very simple and original paper details that go through not walling too much a wall. Get inspired here.

Advertising - Keep reading below Sea Monsters

Conch shells, squid, jellyfish… don't run away! They do not attack, they are trapped in the wall. Paper, from WallPepper.

Animal print on the wall

It is a "wild" proposal by Decopraktik.


A vitamin proposal in orange, from

Very natural

Paper, by Sandberg.

Black & white

A monochrome classic, a black and white geometric paper (subtle black motif), combined with plain black and white walls. It's from

Emoticons that leave the mobile

It is a casual design, by Murals Wallpaper.

A classic in green

Pictures in green, from C&C Milano.

With color sparks

Floral motifs in three shades. It's from Decopraktik.

Tropical air

Leaves and a lot of green. What a freshness!

Paper Tropical, from MuralsWallpaper.

Under the sea

Goldfish on the wall. Feel like a fish in the water. Paper, from WallPepper.