7 bright ideas for Christmas

7 bright ideas for Christmas

Rachel Whiting

Yes it is here! The Christmas It is coming and your house is also preparing to welcome you. Start by taking out the tree and the ornaments from the storage room, discard those that are already somewhat damaged and get new designs that you can buy or, better yet, do as a family! When the cold comes, dedicating a weekend or a bridge to decorate the house will be the best plan. Crowns of moss made with wire, garlands of recycled paper or painted jars turned into candleholder they will become delicate details that you will distribute in any corner. From the entrance door to the bathroom through the hall, the living room, the kitchen or the bedrooms, make your whole house join the party. As sure you already have the best help, here we give you a pinch of inspiration for your creations ...

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Like the table, the seats also want to join the celebration.

Decorate the backs with pom poms or with simple golden ribbons to which you have previously passed the edge of the scissors so that they are wavy.

Have perfectly wrapped gifts on the floor to add emotion to the moment.

Contrasts in the lounge RACHEL WHITING

Bet on the chromatic games in the living area: on a neutral and warm background introduces accessories in cold tones, like this indigo blue.

Place the tree in a corner, so that it does not interrupt the passage, and hangs on it golden ornaments that provide a look elegant to the set.


Animate the Christmas celebrations with an original crown like this, made with wire and green branches of spruce and eucalyptus from which you can hang balls in one or two tones; Here they were chosen in gold and silver, very elegant.


In addition to hanging on the tree the details you buy, you can add some made by you, such as these balls handmade.

Cut 6 circles of wrapping paper, fold each one in half and glue them on the folded side.

Fix a tape in the center before sticking it on the last circle and knotting its end.

In the children's bedroom RACHEL WHITING

Look how easy it is to decorate the kids room!

Nail decorative wreaths On the headboard and some details at the foot of the bed, such as the sock for Santa Claus, they will be reminded that they are on vacation and that the parties are for them.

A magic corner RACHEL WHITING

This year, don't limit Christmas decoration to the living room or dining room. Create charming areas throughout the house!

Luminous star-shaped lamps, wooden letters, a row of candles and vases with holly branches will serve to party any corner.

Candle holder with stars RACHEL WHITING

Recycle glass jars and turn them into magical candle holders for a very special center. Clean them thoroughly, to remove labels and glue well. Cover them with star-shaped stickers and paint them with golden spray paint. Let them dry, remove the stickers and place small tea candles inside. You will see what ideals!


Styling: Ben Kendrick. Crafts: Alaina Binks