Susana's letter: This month ...

Susana's letter: This month ...

Pablo Sarabia

This month I discovered that the good Albert Einstein was right when he said that Energy is not created or destroyed, it only transforms. The vitality of Cristina Sánchez, who for years looked out to this same window - and in which from now on you will find me every month, happy to connect with you and to be in front of my darling- has been channeled to the magazines Men's Health, Women's Health and Runners

But there is also the energy that someone put to convert a rough material into a paper, a painting or a pottery so beautiful, that they leave us speechless. In Key Coatings We show you designs that excite us. Or that energy, exciting and exhausting, that takes hold of you when a child comes into your life.

The Inspirations from this number they give you a hand so that the house suits everyone without giving up your space. Because, behind each transformation, there is a trace of good vibes. And that one always remains.

Susana González, Chief Editor @susideco

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