The old Walt Disney house in Palm Springs is full of its magical style

The old Walt Disney house in Palm Springs is full of its magical style

You better get her before Mickey and Minnie move. What was Walt Disney's house in Palm Springs has been released for $ 899,000 and everything around it is magical.

Both he and his wife Lillian called this desert shelter home during their years of life. The man responsible for the happiest place on Earth built this house in 1962, at the time when his famous television show "Walt Disney Presents"went from black and white to color and was renamed as"Walt Disney´s Wonderful World of Color", according to the real estate.

The space is an explosion of color, with intense reds, blues and yellows and bold prints, which gives the space an airy look art deco.

The Disney family had this house until 2015 and, although the new owners use this property as a holiday home, they have fortunately maintained the original vision of Walt Disney, retaining the same animated color palette and most of the furniture.

Located on the second street of Indian Canyons North Course, this technicolor home has many outdoor spaces, with a pool and jacuzzi. Not to mention the glass walls that run throughout the back of the house that give you direct access to the pool and patio. It may not be Disneyland, but it is a rather extraordinary place.

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Exterior of the house that Walt Disney built in 1962 in Palm Springs.

Swimming pool

The house has many outdoor spaces, such as patios, gardens and the jacuzzi pool.

Magic door

The color of the door of the house already announces what we will find inside.

Color palette

Red, blue and yellow are the colors that predominate in the decoration.

Follow your legacy

The house belonged to the Disney family until 2015, but the new owners respected both the original construction and the furniture.


In the corners of the house we can find very personal details.


One of the bedrooms in the house that belonged to Walt Disney.

Technicolor decoration

The house, an explosion of color, rose when the cartoons on television began to cease to be black and white.

Personal bathroom

Even the bathrooms were decorated in strong colors.

Story bedroom

Another of the rooms.

Kid stuff

A picture of Pinocchio crowns the beds of this children's room.

Color bath

Another of the bathrooms.

Via: House Beautiful US