Cinderella: a princess decoration

Cinderella: a princess decoration

Cinderella returns to the cinema with Walt Disney Pictures. The animated version was seen on the big screen in the fifties, but in this adaptation that premieres on March 27, the characters are flesh and blood. In the luxury cast, which he directs Kenneth Branagh, the protagonist is the actress Lily James the evil stepmother is played by Cate Blanchett and the handsome prince is Richard Madden The fairy godmother paper embroiders it Helena Bonham Carter.

The work of Charles Perrault she reinvents herself, the classic that tells the story of a beautiful young woman who lives with her stepmother and her two daughters, wastes luxury on the sets and turns the magical fairy tale into reality. Surprising scenes of this adaptation: how mice become horses or pumpkin in floats, but there are many more, and many are action. Special mention deserves the spectacular costumes of actresses, made with dazzling fabrics and Swarovski crystals. The trailers in Spanish are already on the Internet ...

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The decorations of this Cinderella adaptation are dazzling. All scenarios were built in sets, they are real, not virtual. They evoke the majesty and elegance of the story, as reflected by the impressive stairs down which the protagonist, Lily James, descends when she arrives at the dance with her glamorous blue dress, made with more than ten thousand Swarovski crystals, and her magical shoes ...

Crystal shoes

Cinderella's shoes so important in the original story by Charles Perrault are in this film a masterpiece. The magical footwear is a design by Swaroski… A team of eight people worked on the development and creation of the shoes for 150 hours approx. They created six different versions until the final model was chosen, with 221 facets of a blue glass coating Northern Lights, It reflects the light in an incredible way. Of course, they tell us that the actress does not put them in the movie, but it is used in many scenes. Next to the original Cinderella shoe, the rubber ones from Disney Store for the princesses of the house. They are transparent, decorated with glitter and fantasy gems and have a beautiful golden butterfly. Ah! and carry quilted satin insoles. www.disneystore.es

Cinderella's simplicity

Details and furniture that evoke nature and rural charm ... everything that surrounds Cinderella is natural, pure, without artifice. The protagonist would surrender to these sweet pieces country chic: center with birds, from Sia; chair Bramley, from Laura Ashley, and baskets, from Zara Home.

Interior and exterior

The movie sets are real, but at home it is difficult to have a large castle with gardens. To solve this "small" inconvenience, you can use the panoramic murals of Caselio and create perspective. These monumental stairs and the beautiful gallery belong to his collection Venise

The dance club

Marble floors, spectacular carpets, velvet curtains with trimmings, friezes and ornamental moldings on the walls, huge chandeliers, giant chandeliers and flowers in huge vases ... The castle's ballroom is fairytale. Carved and gilded furniture abound and richly decorated walls. The console Truly and the candlestick Within, by Christopher Guy, and Laura Ashley wallpaper are perfect to recreate the style château.

The evil stepmother and her daughters

The bad ones of the story: the stepmother and her daughters in the ballroom. The film has many scenes in his house where there are elegant furniture and a lot of velvet, but also a mysterious atmosphere and many shadows. The stepmother, played by Cate Blanchett, in addition to evil is also sophisticated. That's why the mirror Ope with ornamental molding and red armchair Steampunk, by Christopher Guy, they go like a ring to his finger, and the green armchair, by Maisons du Monde, for his daughters.

The 12 bells

Another key element of the story: the clock. Cinderella pays the prince because at 12 o'clock at night the Fairy Godmother's spell is broken. Her elegant carriage is a pumpkin again and she is Cinderella again. Ideal this watch Audelia decorated with scrolls, by Maisons du Monde, to evoke the chimes.

Cinderella's float

Are the princesses of the house fans of the story and the movie? Then they will love playing with this golden float with white horse, from Mattel, for sale in El Corte Inglés. Its doors can be opened and the wheels work.

Cups for the princesses

Inspired by the film, they are decorated with Cinderella, her shoe, her carriage, butterflies ... and her edge is golden. On sale at Disney Store.

Tea set, limited edition

Nine-piece tea set, inspired by the movie. On a light blue background, golden motifs such as the clock and the float. It is a limited edition, sold in Disney Store.

Cinderella Furniture

What would Cinderella-Princess's bedroom look like? It could be pink and have a bed as ideal as the model Gourmandise, of Maisons du Monde, of wavy wood. The color note could be put in the collection cushions Mini Home, from El Corte Inglés.

Story Details

The fantasy of the story can also be present in your bedroom with a decoration as sweet as Cinderella. The letters with a mix of pastel tones are perfect for the walls (attention to the letter "I", which instead has a pretty crown) and the photo frames with various shapes, and as a seat, the bench Princesse With drawings of horse, carriage, profile and crown, which is also a trunk to store toys. All three are from Maisons du Monde.

A mini castle

In the princess's room there would also be some reason that evoked her life in the castle ... like this vinyl, 32 x 32 cm www.vertbaudet.es, to decorate furniture or walls. To complete the style pink & sweet Decoration: mirror Skönhet and lamp Snoig, from Ikea.

Flirty Cinderella ...

Every princess always has a mirror and dressing table nearby. Therefore, the most presumed Cinderella will love to have the mirror in their room Paradise bird and the dressers Damsel Y Fairy, from www.vertbaudet.es.