The cabin of your dreams is in Bali… next to a volcano!

The cabin of your dreams is in Bali… next to a volcano!


In recent years, Bali has become the fashionable tourist destination. Something more than understandable if we think about the beauty of the islands that make up the Republic of Indonesia, and the infinity of activities that we can carry out in such a natural paradise: surfing, trekking, yoga, meditation, photography ... or simply, lie on the beach and forget about our urban problems for some idyllic days (which is enough).

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But one of the most important issues when planning a trip is, without a doubt, finding the right accommodation. Something that will make the difference between an unforgettable experience, and another that we want to bury in the memory ... That is why, when we found this wonder of a cabin in the middle of the highest mountain in Bali, we felt Cupid's crush and we had no doubt that if We were traveling to the island, it would have to be staying here.

Of course, better go as soon as possible, since the volcano that crowns the top is active, and that means that if it erupts ... goodbye paradise.

The cabin, with capacity for four people, has a bedroom, two beds, a bathroom, and a toilet. Airbnb

The refuge is perfect for adventurous travelers who want to get out of the city and feel nature in its purest form. Located next to a river between rice fields, its bamboo-based construction also makes it a sustainable accommodation that advocates the care of the planet.

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The cabin is distributed on two floors. The first has a small living room with fully equipped kitchen, a relaxation area with hammock included, a closet with a safe, a bathroom, and access to an outdoor shower.

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On the second floor there is a large bedroom with a bed king size and mosquito net, and an extra bed of 140 cm. Although the most striking is the flirtatious reading corner next to the window, a great place to relax between books or, why not ?, playing an instrument.

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But if this were not enough, thanks to the natural ventilation of bamboo, fans and air conditioning are not necessary. And although there are no security doors in the cabin, the area is as quiet. Bucolic, right?

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