Rural hotel La Botica de Vejer

Rural hotel La Botica de Vejer

Winding alleys, whitewashed facades that reflect the sun with a blinding luminosity, patios full of flowers that intoxicate with their aroma and give us a caress of freshness ... Stroll through Vejer de la Frontera It is a sensory experience. Its labyrinthine layout - designed during five hundred years of Arab presence - and its location, on a 190-meter high rock, offer the traveler spectacular panoramas that, on clear days, draw the coast of Africa. In the historic center, it is located the apothecary from Vejer de la Frontera.

Before Paloma, Enrique and Josip bought the building to transform it into a tourist accommodation, the house was the typical house of neighbors around a central courtyard, a tradition in the architecture of this town. In fact, the Vejer Apothecary It owes its name to the town apothecary that was installed, years ago, in the building. Further, each of its 12 rooms recalls the denomination of different old pharmacy schools. All of them have TV, heating and air conditioning, and most are distributed around the original courtyard, which remained the central axis of the rehabilitated building. In it, the visitor can have breakfast outdoors both in summer and on warm winter days. The original stone floor of Tarifa is striking, a difficult material to obtain today. Moreover, to replace the damaged tiles, the owners had to investigate different demolitions in the area.

His search responded to a clear objective: recover building materials. Solid walls, splendid floors of hydraulic tiles, wooden doors, wrought iron bars ... were rehabilitated. And where the deterioration of the materials was too evident, carpenters and blacksmiths were commissioned to replicate the original designs to respect the local architecture. The effort in the recovery of materials received its reward. Every corner, every little detail, exudes charm in La Botica de Vejer. To him contribute the furniture, all inherited, that during years were witnesses of intimate familiar evenings. And that, precisely, is the feeling the guest perceives. Installed on the terrace, sunbathing on the solarium or enjoying the sunset show, the visitor never feels a stranger. But the attraction of La Botica is not, only, within its walls. The area offers activities for all tastes. The most restless have in Vejer de la Frontera companies dedicated to adventure tourism. Only 6 kilometers away is Playa del Palmar, without urbanization and with the Levante wind suitable for surf lovers. But if what is sought is rest, the La Breña Natural Park It is located a few meters from the house; it is worth going into it for hiking or bird watching. And when we return, the loyal look of Pitu, the dog from La Botica de Vejer, will remind us that, one day, we feel like ours a small and beautiful corner of Cádiz.

Address:Canalejas, 12. Vejer de la Frontera (Cádiz).

Tel.: 956 450 225.


Rooms: The house has 11 double rooms and 1 junior suite, the latter with a private seating area and capacity for four people. Double prices vary between € 60 and € 90, and the junior suite ranges from € 80 to € 100, depending on the season. The price includes a continental breakfast buffet and VAT.

Advertising - Keep reading below La Botica is located in the historic center,

between steep alleys that draw a meandering path typical of Arab urbanism. And is that for five hundred years, Vejer de la Frontera was part of this culture, which he called Bekkeh.

The carpentry of all rooms is painted gray wood, as tradition in Vejer de la Frontera.

The tapestries that decorate the wall are the work of a guest, who acquired the rigging of an old loom and hand weaves traditional Portuguese Alentejo designs.

Part of the roof has been enabled as a solarium, with hammocks and shower.

From here you have a splendid view of the Medina countryside and the beach of Zahara de los Atunes.

Every morning, buffet breakfast is offered in this office.

The visitor can taste it here, at the tables of the outdoor patio, or in his room. The hydraulic floor and the skylight fence are the originals of the house, which were rehabilitated.

The original building was a typical neighbor's house around a central courtyard.

After the reform, the courtyard continues to be the axis around which the rooms are articulated. The excellent Cádiz weather allows breakfast in it both in winter and in summer. The original floor is Tarifa stone, a precious material that is difficult to find; to replace the damaged tiles, the owners of La Botica looked for pieces in demolition.

The walls, half a meter thick, ensure excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.

When the building was purchased, the owners respected the setbacks and took the opportunity to place shelves or make fitted wardrobes.

The bathrooms are decorated with blue and cream tiles, in tune with the floor tiles.

The objective was to reproduce the charm of Vejer baths, but with modern toilets and fittings that guarantee the necessary comfort.

The charm of La Botica de Vejer lies in the details.

For example, in this bathroom a low window was made to enjoy the splendid views and natural light. The thickness of the wall allowed to make a ledge, which was decorated with the same tiles that pave the floor.

On the terrace you can also have breakfast,

Read or enjoy the sunset in this sitting area next to the solarium. The forged furniture, inherited, was painted red.

In the patio, next to the reception, the cistern where rainwater was stored is preserved.

Years ago, access was blinded, but the semicircular arch through which the water from the well was cubed is still maintained.

Two rooms were joined to make the reception, hence different designs of hydraulic tiles can be seen on the floor;

They are the originals, which were rescued. The furniture throughout the building is inheritance, and recalls pleasant family stories for its owners. Tapestry by Meridiana.

From Seville

La Botica de Vejer is reached by the N-IV or by the AP 4 toll road, in both cases in the direction of Cádiz. When you pass Jerez de la Frontera, it is worth taking the Jerez-Los Barrios highway to enjoy the scenery. Leave it at the Medina-Vejer exit and continue until you reach Vejer de la Frontera. Once in the town, look for the Plaza de España and call La Botica by phone: they will show you how to get through its winding streets.