12 very floral baths to receive spring

12 very floral baths to receive spring


Decorating with flowers is an art, even more so when it comes to bathrooms ... The result can range from a sweet and feminine aesthetic, to a space full of character and sophistication. Wallpapers, shower curtains, decoration ... Everything goes when it comes to designing a cozy corner! And as spring is the time of flowering, what better time to show you these baths?

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If you want to highlight a particular part, choose a marble floral mosaic like this ... Pure luxury!

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As sweet as ice cream! If you are a fan of pastel tones, we present the bathroom of your dreams.

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Mini version

If the kids had their own bathroom, it would be that nice!

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With personality

Are you thinking of changing the design of the toilet? A floral wallpaper in dark tones combined with golden sconces, will give you a lot of character and elegance.

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If you like botanical and tropical motifs, this wallpaper will accompany you for life! Isn't it beautiful?

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White tiles below, flowers above. A beautiful mix that fills this tiny bathroom with light!

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In black and white

When we think of a design floral, we always imagine a lot of bright colors, but ... have you seen how well the flowers are in black and white?

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Another floral example in black and white, with a romantic dot of the most charming!

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The best complement for a pastel bath? A wallpaper with floral print, no doubt!

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If you are looking for a floral design with airs vintage, a shower curtain like this is all you need!

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A tone of the most feminine, perfect to give life to a dull bath. And you, would you put this curtain in the shower?

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The combination of flowers, marble and golden details, create a most sophisticated atmosphere!

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