This modern apartment was previously dark and compartmentalized

This modern apartment was previously dark and compartmentalized

Nuria Serrano

The light rules in this house. It is the element around which its integral reform and its new distribution have been raised. Built in the 60s, the apartment was very abandoned when it was bought by its current owners, a young couple without children. They loved their clarity and great possibilities, quickly visualizing how they wanted it to be. The new plant should be a bright, modern and very cozy box.

For this project they had the study of architecture and interior design of La Reina Obrera, who knew how to make her wish come true: enjoy an open house but with independent environments. The path would connect them while maintaining physical and visual separation. The great success of the rehabilitation is due to carpentry solutions.

Glass walls. With them the spaces were bounded and, however, it made its way to the light to flood them. The formula was to replace some walls with glass enclosures with acid. This resource helps to maintain continuity and to give depth, although with the necessary privacy. Thus they separated the living room from the kitchen. And the same solution was used in the master bedroom, to incorporate in it a dressing room en suite. On the terrace, meanwhile, a glass window with sliding and folding blades at the ends was installed. In addition, no blinds or curtains were placed: the idea was to extend the interior towards the street without interrupting the views.

To alleviate the possible coldness of the lack of curtains and the presence of two large glazing delimiting the living room, wood paneling was used. This warm material dresses the floors, as well as the walls and ceilings, since a "skin" of slats wraps around the living area. This area has been differentiated from that of the dining room, giving it its own aesthetic entity. Also the doors of the modular furniture of the living room have that same slat finish, and are perfectly integrated into an original set. The natural color, white and black, put a background to a decoration that is a function of the main purpose: to achieve maximum fluidity and visual lightness.

WOOD SKIN. A strip covering embraces the seating area and covers the ceiling and the wall in front of the sofa. In addition, a dark floor has been chosen, to differentiate the floor of this area, while in the dining room the pavement is made of light wood. In the foreground you can see the table with crockery, bought in Sandra Marcos. Lamp, by Superstudio. Nuria Serrano

The color palette helps create this calm and relaxing atmosphere thanks to neutral tones. To these tones are added refreshing blues and greens, reserved for upholstery and bedding. Only certain details and accessories - cushions - have the warmest (yellow, beige, pink ...). Color was also used as an effective and differential tool in the kitchen and in the main bathroom of the house. For the first, we opted for furniture in two white / wood finishes. In the bathroom, meanwhile, a color set of light / dark has been devised, with a white coating for the sink and gray in the shower. The contrast is magnificent.

There is not a very marked style in the decoration. However, door and window frames with black profiles evoke a industrial aesthetics which is reinforced by the selection of metal furniture - dining room chairs, kitchen stools, lamps - with which the house has been equipped. The result can not be more attractive and modern.

Check out all corners of the house:

The dining room was oriented towards the large terrace. The dining room has been installed next to the window. Behind the living room, the kitchen receives natural lighting through the translucent wall that separates them.

The table, of Metal Raw, is surrounded by two models of chairs: the white ones are from the Singular Market, and the industrial ones, from El Corte Inglés. Carpet by Zara Home. First, being framed by a Zara Home rug. Nuria Serrano MANY CUSHIONS IN THE SOFA. Sandra Marcos models adorn the sofa, of El Corte Inglés, as well as a great photo, of Yellow Korner. The table, from Ikea, was painted white. Nuria Serrano

Some pieces put a special stamp on the decoration, such as the replica of the chair Acapulco, in a powerful chlorophyll color.

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The Panygon firm made the furniture of this kitchen, to measure. Combine cabinets with two white-wood finishes. Instead of large cabinets, modules overlapping to the ceiling were chosen. The result is very dynamic and contemporary. A flown bar and two stools form the dinning room Of diary.

Retro style stools are from Amazon. Dishes and jug, from Zara Home, and poster, from Hosten. Nuria Serrano

The enclosure that separates the kitchen from the living room and the wooden bar have been custom-made by Panygon.

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Super relaxing colors in the bedroom. Light blue and emerald green fill the bedroom with tranquility. To replace the headboard, the wall was decorated with a large-format photograph of Yellow Korner.

Dress the bed, with Zara Home clothes, printed on plant motifs. The pink cushion and the velvet blanket are by Sandra Marcos, as is the lamp on the bedside table, this one acquired in Ikea. Nuria Serrano

In the bedroom a space at the foot of the bed has been limited to install a dressing room separated by an enclosure with the same design as that of the kitchen. This one has two fixed panels and one folding.

DRESS Nuria Serrano

Bath in white and graphite. The colors mark the two areas of the bathroom. The shower cabin with dark coating. The screen separates it from the sink area.

Bathroom decorated with accessories and towels from Zara Home Nuria Serrano


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On the common surface there are living-dining room, and separated by a glass wall, the kitchen. The rooms receive light through the glass of the latter and the terrace. In the private area, the bedrooms are separated from each other by two bathrooms. Not a single centimeter is wasted.

Realization: Eva Baena