A children's room for two in pink

A children's room for two in pink

Estela, in front of the Deco & Living store (, is also the mother of two girls: Claudia and Olivia. At first, Claudia enjoyed the room for herself but with the arrival of Olvia it was necessary adapt the distribution to the needs of the two girls and that each one had its corner. Thus, Estela, who confesses passionate about decoration and an unconditional fan of beauty and is also dedicated to interior design projects, put her creativity in this very special bedroom, that of her daughters. Whites, grays and roses in different intensities predominate, although more vivid flashes slip into other colors in furniture, both functional design and other pieces that evoke the lines of the 50s. A retro wink that personalizes the atmosphere, distributed in two areas: one with a bed for Claudia and one with a cot for Olivia. Between them, a corner of games where they will enjoy together.

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Claudia sleeps in her bed, located in a corner next to the window. It has its bedside table and its headboard. The wallpaper of small trees on the wall delimits the area and blends in shades with the smooth wall. Estela, from the Deco & Living store, organized the space in the room so that each of the little ones had their personal corner and shared a central playground. At the foot of the bed, aubergine quilt, for sale at Deco & Living. The wall wreath is also available in the store. Wicker coffee table, by Va de Vintage.

Front view of Claudia's corner

It is next to the window. In this shot you can see in the foreground the surface of a high chest of drawers, placed next to the bedside table and which serves as a storage room for clothes and toys.

Detail of the wall composition

In this detail the combination of paint with paper on the wall, of trees, such as the wooden wall lamp is contemplated. It's a lamp! On the radiator, a 50s style bookcase with a black metallic structure and pink lacquered shelves. It is available in the Deco & Living store in other colors and is perfect for organizing dolls and stories without reloading. In this way, Estela took advantage of the bottom of the radiator so that it was "embedded" and no extra space was left.

Who sleeps here?

A detail of two mini blackboards that decorate the wall, on the bedside table, with the name written in chalk by the two sisters.

On the bed, custom cushions

Delicate, in fabrics of several prints but in the same color range. The forms provide dynamism, supported by square cushions. A cloud and a C. Do you like them? Check store availability.

Little Olivia's space

Olivia is the last to arrive, she is the smallest baby of the two sisters. For her Estela reserved another corner of the room, next to the closet. She still has the crib, here dressed in bedding in the same tones that decorate the entire room, although with some more intense note in salmon pink. The details have been taken care of both in the cradle and around (with practical and decorative accessories) and on the wall, decorated with garlands and shelves.

A well dressed crib

In the cradle, in addition to the comforter and the blanket in salmon pink, a cushion in the form of a curl and another with a striking print.

Next to the cradle

Decorative and functional accessories, such as a XXL size basket for storing cushions and a child seat in a bold yellow color.

Common territory: playground

Estela wanted the sisters to share playtime and laughter in a common area. Thus, in front of the window, to enjoy brightness and views, and between the two beds, created a practical entertainment corner for the little ones. Furnished with shelves and a table with chairs, it is perfect for girls to have autonomy to reach the toys and collect them alone.

Nice works of art on the wall

In the area of ​​the wall between the entertainment corner and the cradle of Olivia hang some squares with fun sheets.

Reading area, painting, puzzles ...

Mini-sized, next to the bookcase, a small table with a couple of chairs and a stool was attached to the wall. It is the ideal composition to have a good time between paintings, clippings, puzzles, stories ... On the table, a beaker for colored pencils. On the wall, a basket as a shelf. Everything, available at Deco & Living.

A bookcase in the shape of a house, personalized with wallpaper

This little bookcase is personalized with the same wallpaper of small trees on the wall, placed on the back. While in the rest areas white and pink predominate in the furniture, wood is the protagonist in the play area.

On an open shelf

The toys that girls use the most are stored in this tall open wooden shelf, but they also store games in the dresser next to Claudia's bed and in a closet in the room. Estela, always attentive to deco trends, incorporated one of Claudia and Olivia's most fashionable accessories: a deco letter.

Detail of the corner on the floor

Next to the wooden shelf, a wicker basket, which provides an extra organization. Gray polka dot rug by Deco & Living.