Floral Design Course

Floral Design Course

Rigel Pomares Amare / Brute Sap

Savia Bruta, pioneers at the School of Floral Design in Madrid, is now opening her online course. Aimed at all flower lovers who want to train as florists. You can enroll in the full course or by modules.

Bridal bouquets, crowns, centers and decoration of spaces, are some of the creations that you can learn in the course.

The courses include:

- More than 15 hours of explanatory videos
- Online tutoring project
- 2 private tutoring sessions with video calling
- Certificate once the final project is delivered
- Practices in Gross Sap 20 hours (optional)

The complete Floral Design Course is divided into three modules: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. Each module consists of 10 chapters of 20-25 minutes.

The course is available from March 1 for the price of € 830