Elena Reig's personal details

Elena Reig's personal details

What words best define your collaboration with the textile firm Coordonné?Familiar and exciting.

How is the Tiles collection?It is sophisticated and elegant.

What has been your source of inspiration?The palaces of Andalusian Spain and Catalan modernism.

What other projects do you have in mind?Soon I hope to surprise you in the world of hospitality. Creativity is infinite, even in the kitchen universe.

What decorative style prevails in your home?My house is colorful and daring. Full of life.

What do you base your lifestyle on?In the formula family + health + creative work = happiness. First of all, the family, I have four children! Friends and health. And the second work, provided it is a project that deludes me.

How do you manage to escape? With sport. Mainly swimming

Your greatest passion is ... Travel and learn, know new things. I am addicted to training; I am always with some course in hand and there is nothing more stimulating than a good trip.

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She is a fashion designer and advertising stylist.
Just designed the wallpaper collection Tiles,
of Coordonné.

What feelings would you say the Tiles collection by Coordonné conveys?

Texture and depth. It seems as if the walls decorated with Tiles They would like to tell you a little bit of history.

Three basics in your day to day ...

Sleeping well - without rest did not work - eat a lot of fruit and comfortable shoes.

You always carry on ...

A notebook and a pencil. I'm still a woman of paper rather than mobile.

What is your favorite design piece?

The Lambretta motorcycle.