A flat of 70 m² as a finger ring

A flat of 70 m² as a finger ring

Finding a floor that goes like a ring to the finger is almost impossible; In most cases you have to make changes, either in distribution, facilities or decoration. Therefore, the owners of this Madrid house were immediately encouraged to acquire it because, although it was in poor condition, it was central and its surface, almost 70 m2, approximated what they were looking for. They saw that I had many possibilities. It was just a matter of trusting the work and decoration at professional hands. Finally the reform project was entrusted to Mariano Ibáñezand that of Interior design, Cristina Ros de la Vega.

Two right decisions, in sight, as these pages show. White is the dominant color from beginning to end. It all started with the wooden ceiling beams, which were not hidden with a false one, but were painted and made radiant; a change that gave the space height, but also more personality, for its natural texture. In addition, this gave rise to continue with the target throughout the house until it became its hallmark. Thus, the walls and also the floor, even some furniture, are finished in that color. In this scenario total white are lThe accessories, textiles and upholstery of the living room which provide the intensity note and energize the environments.

The house also stands out for its unique, decorative ideas. Among them, the elegance that provide velvety, old fabrics that belonged to the family, and now print warmth to the room in the form of beautiful tapestries; and the style They provide curtains with a lot of body, which separate the entrance door of the living room, and give the living area a theatrical air. For their part the furniture, coming from a street market in Avignon -the owners are passionate about getting lost in this and others-, they exude charm.

As an example the large format dining room mirror; a piece with an impact on the decoration, because it creates a feeling of more visual depth. Looking for another effect, not spatial amplitude, but the creation of a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom, the entire built-in wardrobe was decorated with a purple paper with Jouy toile print.

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The sofa, with its flirty design and purple dusty upholstery, gives a sophisticated air to the living area, which distills femininity with the vibrant color of cushions and plaids. Purple velvet, similar in Gastón and Daniela. About him: cushions, from Aunty B, and blanket, from Zara Home. Lamps, Light Years.

Style lesson

The white walls acquire a great prominence decorated with a velvet inherited by the owner, which, as if it were a tapestry, gives a stately air to the living room. Patchwork cushion and plaid with Indian silks, by Aunty B. Armchair with capitoné, from Durán Auctions. Tables, by Jerónimo Hernández Gil. Carpet by Gancedo.

A decoration with theatrical effect

With fabrics and furniture of different texture an ultra-warm atmosphere was created in the living room, a room that is separated from the entrance only with elegant old velvet curtains. Vintage side table purchased at a street market in Avignon, France.

Pieces with personality

Chest of drawers with industrial aesthetics, acquired in a street market in Avignon, France. Armchair with wraparound backrest and floral upholstery, from Durán Auctions.

Expand dining space

Elegant and with an incredible optical effect that doubles the space in the living room, the maxi mirror of the arc-shaped dining room gives the environment a more exclusive air. Decorator, Cristina Ros de la Vega. In the background, in the bedroom, armchair, by KA International

An immaculate white dining room

The radiant white of the walls, ceiling and floor also extends to the dining room furniture and a large format mirror. With such clarity, the feeling of spaciousness is total. Table commissioned to a DIY workshop, painted by the owner. Chairs, from Moss. Hanging lamp and mirror, acquired in a street market in Avignon.

Visual continuity

White is the link between the living area and the dining room; two environments that were delimited with fallen paths, from floor to ceiling, which with their brown color, volume and body, enhance the walls. Indian tablecloth, from Aunty B. Vasos, from Zara Home.

A kitchen integrated in the living room

Among white furniture and walls, a birch wood worktop introduces the warm and natural note in the kitchen. Kitchen and countertop furniture, by Gunni & Trentino. Clock purchased at a street market in Avignon.

Total look bedroom

White with its infinite nuances -polar, sea salt and egg, among others-, enhances clarity. It also creates a feeling of spaciousness. To prevent aseptic environments, it is necessary that furniture and fabrics have different textures.
The monotonous decoration works well, but it should be compensated with some other nuance. Here the wooden beams, the walls and the slat floor were painted white, but the tapestries and textiles that were chosen break the monochrome and give many corners more character and maximum visual interest.
A multicolored Indian quilt and purple closet paper further enhance the dominant whiteness.

A romantic closet

Spectacular, the white sliding door wardrobe becomes with the toile print by Jouy in an ultra-feminine design. Paper Toile de Jouy, by Pepe Peñalver. Watchman, from a French market in Avignon. Indian silk bedspread, from Aunty B. Cushions and bedding, from Zara Home. Lamp, from the Olofane almoneda.

Toile de jouy purple

A classic in the bedrooms and the most elegant rooms, which Pepe Peñalver has renewed with a glamorous color, ideal also in today's environments.

Bathroom open to the bedroom

The mirror on the sink creates a feeling of more visual depth in the bathroom, which is accessed directly from the bed through a large opening. On the left, next to the towel rail radiator, a white door separates this area from the toilet. In the foreground, a floor-to-ceiling mirror reflects the built-in wardrobe. Washbasin, from Duravit. Indian rug by Aunty B.