A hotel built (alone!) With recycled containers

A hotel built (alone!) With recycled containers

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Courtesy Flophouze Hotel

Maybe you haven't noticed, but we love small homes! Y if you are also a fan of small living you're in luck, because lately the trend does not stop growing. So much so, that already There are a lot of hotels in caravans or in recycled containers that allow you to live the experience before making the decision to buy, such as the Flophouze in Round Top, Texas.


Advertising - Continue reading below 1 Raw material Flophouze Hotel

The Flophouze hotel has six recycled containers which have been transformed into the most welcoming accommodations, with recovered materials of all country.

2 Amenities for one tube Flophouze Hotel

Rates start at 150 euros per night, and Each container includes the same amenities as a house: living room, bathroom and kitchen. Outside, guests can enjoy amenities like the chairs Adirondack, hammocks, barbecues, bonfires, and very soon, a pool!

3 With charm Flophouze Hotel

The inside of the containers You will be surprised by the magical combination of materials and decoration.

4 Materials with history Flophouze Hotel

Among other things, you can find wood of a farm from the outskirts of New York, or windows of a school from Philadelphia.

5 Origins Flophouze Hotel

The closet comes from a Brooklyn lab, and the worktop from a Texas bowling alley.

6 Vintage Essence Flophouze Hotel

The furniture were purchased in stores vintage.

7 For sale Flophouze Hotel

Everything what's inside the containers is for sale, so if you fall in love with a particular piece, you know, ask the price!

8 Let's go shopping Flophouze Hotel

You don't find anything you like? Well check out The Round Top Ballroom, and surely you don't leave empty-handed.

9 To the rhythm of good music Flophouze Hotel

In the containers you will not find televisions, but record player and vinyl... for a tube!

10 Relaxation time Flophouze Hotel

In addition to enjoying the comfort of the containers, you can also swimming and fishing on Lake Fayette, visit antique dealers or watch the sunset from the porch.

And if you fall in love with this type of housing, you know that the hotel also builds custom containers.

Via: Country Living US