More than 20 ideas to organize bags

More than 20 ideas to organize bags

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We have dived on Pinterest to find the best ideas, added to those we propose from, to organize all your bags, whatever their size and shape.

Advertising - Continue reading below Specific module

For smaller ones in shelves and maxi hanging on hooks.

Next to the shoes in the dressing room

In open modules, organized in shelves.

Wall hanger type brackets Clutch in brackets

The clutch and handbags can be organized on supports of this type. Imagine: plate holders can be useful.

Behind the door

Take advantage of a wasted space.

In the upper shelves of the closet In a row on the wall On hooks and hangers on the wall

Hangers or hooks on the wall and decorate it as if they were pictures. All at hand.


Customized dressing module with specific compartments to organize the bags.

Coat stand Open shelving

Here you have more ideas to organize not only bags but also shoes.

Vertical textile organizer

To hang on a coat rack or inside the closet and "win" compartments.

Another hung version

Another type of vertical organizer.

On the wall

We like this decorative option! Everything at hand for fashion addicts.

In boxes

Wallets and clutch in boxes.

Behind the door Heights

Bags organized in the upper areas of the furniture, on the closet or on a shelf installed on the top of the wall. Here, on a wall that does not reach the ceiling.

To hang

Create your accessories to hang the bags. They are hangers designed for them.

Closet organizer

Do not miss any idea. And there are so many options that occur to us and all so practical.

In this link you will find solutions for your bags and shoes.

Hung In a magazine rack?

A magazine rack type organizer or those used to place rolls or cylindrical containers are a good wall solution for your smaller bags.

Lined boxes

The boxes always keep the bags in order and grouped according to the claphisication you prefer. those of this type, of lower height in the front, will allow you to see the models that you keep without having to take out the box.

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