Zôdio, the new decoration line of the Leroy Merlin group, finally arrives in Spain

Zôdio, the new decoration line of the Leroy Merlin group, finally arrives in Spain

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Adeo, the DIY giant that has, among other brands, Leroy Merlin and AKI, has begun to prepare the ground for one of the most anticipated arrivals in Spain, its decoration accessories firm Zôdio. The group has already registered the new brand in our country and has created profiles in the different social networks, although they have not yet confirmed opening date. If we look at the stores that it already has in France and Italy, we can expect them to follow the Leroy Merlin model: large areas of between 3,000 and 5,000 square meters located on the outskirts of the cities. But what can we find in their stores? Zôdio has more than 30,000 decoration products (accessories and small furniture such as small tables, mirrors, lamps or textiles), household utensils and storage solutions and conducts courses in its establishments.

On its website in France we can take a look at the three decoration lines of this year that are called three European cities: Milan, "contemporary, a review of the 50s. The atmosphere it creates is unique, harmonious, comfortable and cozy, thanks to materials such as velvet and linen that we can find in their textiles. the colors move within the blue scale, ranging from water tones to turquoise "; Copenhagen, "young, welcoming, dynamic and natural, with colors that warm our homes during the winter. Pastel colors predominate combined with more vivid ones. The style is a mixture of simple materials such as porcelain, wood, linen or wool, and soft and rounded shapes "; and London, "with a charme urban and vintage. The decoration is refined while it is raw and ethnic, a good combination of vintage and handmade. Textiles are lace, marbled, with pom poms that emphasize the spirit handmade. The colors vary between grays, blues and ocher, which brings an organic and natural touch. "

If you want to know the three lines, check out the image gallery that precedes these lines.

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