A cozy holiday apartment

A cozy holiday apartment

The renovation of this Barcelona apartment He transformed it completely. The project focused on change its distribution to make it more functional and bright and in renovating its facilities to make it more comfortable. The goal was to achieve a cozy apartment with two bedrooms, attractive to any tourist who visits Barcelona, ​​as it is a holiday rental accommodation located in Poble Sec, a neighborhood trendy and encouraged to be a tapas area.

After the works, commissioned to Synergy Constructive Solutions, the house opens an unusual organization: outside there are two bedrooms, each with a balcony, and inside, a rectangular and open plan living room where they share space living and dining area with kitchen. These two different areas, common and private, are separated by a partition that runs through the entire floor and communicates with sliding doors at each end. Finally, near the entrance, in the space where the kitchen used to be, is now the bathroom. Along with this well thought out distribution, a solution stands out in the project ad hoc: a skylight of almost 5 m linear, which tops the above-mentioned partition, and that provides abundant natural light to the living room.

As for the coatings and decoration, highlights its full harmony. He roof of partitioned vaults and brick walls, that appeared during the works, have been left in sight in much of the house to give a visual continuity to the environments. Its textures and its marked contrast with white are the hallmarks of the floor and also an excellent backdrop for a decoration that blends echo, shabby and rustic chic.

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Advertising - Keep reading below A room decorated with rustic essence

During the renovation of this floor they were discovered roof vaults and brick walls, two previously hidden elements that now go to a decorative foreground to give the space a rustic, charming air. Its combination with white, a success to lighten your visual weight and enhance brightness.

Sofa bed and tables, by Maisons du Monde. Chair Butterfly and floor lamp, of Materia. Cushion, from Zara Home.

Side tables

The natural colors and the mixture of textures create an ultra-warm and cozy atmosphere in the living room. Leather, wood and lacquers form a mix full of nuances with visual interest. Individual circular and leather carpet, Zara Home. Side tables, by Maisons du Monde.

Open space

The living room gains visual and real breadth by incorporating the kitchen-dining room. Its current distribution is committed to connecting spaces, but above all, it is better adapted to the new use of this Barcelona apartment, for tourist rental. A plus of style, the collage of white frames that decorates the wall.

Cushion Mix

With their brushstrokes of color and their diverse textures they make the sofa acquire more interest.

Cushions: large, Lu Ink and wool with orange stripe, Materia. Smaller, prints and hair, for sale at Zara Home.

Easy DIY in 3D

A collage With white frames, it has a great visual impact on any space. Just remove the glass and the back and stick to the wall. The most laborious: think about your disposition and make them level.

Functional distribution

The dining room was attached to the wall that was free to not interrupt the circulation. Bench, table and chairs, which occupy the right space, harmonize with the coverings. To highlight the background, the contrast between brick and paint, and skylight, a perfect solution to provide extra light to the kitchen from one of the bedrooms.

Lamp, table and chairs, by Maisons du Monde. Cushions, of Matter. On the wall, BCN wooden letters, handmade, purchased from The Font Hunter.

Cooking online

With an aesthetic total white It blends with the walls. And with its refined design, smooth fronts without handles, it is integrated into the decoration. In the foreground, orange cups, from Zara Home.

Very warm dining room

The key to decorating it: look for furniture that will harmonize with the rustic essence & loft of the house, marked by the coverings, especially the reddish shade of the brick. The solution: a natural wood table, with streaks and knots. Pillows resting on the wall, by Lu Ink.

Main bedroom

The decoration bets on natural textures and aesthetics with fusion of rustic-chic, retro and recycling styles. On the other hand, textiles provide with their harmonic colors an extra warmth.

Recovered Parts

Headboard, bedside tables and lamp, by Maisons du Monde. Scottish Quadrant, by Roche Bobois. Hair blanket and plaid printed by Zara Home. Blanket beige, from Sacum.

Eco-friendly aesthetics

The decoration of the apartment is committed to the fusion of chic, eco and rustic styles shabby This headboard, by Maisons du Monde, with lamas aged effect, is an example.

Room with two beds

Due to its size and style, the headboard attracts attention in the bedroom. It's a piece eco friendly, made from two of the old doors of the apartment. They stripped to acquire an air shabby and rustic, more in line with the new aesthetics of the house.

Blankets and flexo, of Matter. White covers and children's cushions, by Filocolore.

Sweet tones

To soften a rustic decoration and above all, get an environment to acquire a much sweeter air, just add brushstrokes in pastel tones. In this bedroom it has been achieved with the flexo, of Materia.

Current bathroom

The contrast of gray on snowy white and the linear design of the washbasin front give the bathroom a look more urban Reflected in the mirror, the shower with maxi spray and a sliding door screen with chrome bar.

Plan and ideas of the reform

- The accurate combination of original brick and white walls It gives maximum decorative value to the coverings and achieves visual continuity between the bedrooms and the common area, while creating a feeling of greater spatial amplitude.
- Eliminate unnecessary crossing areas. The new distribution has a partition that communicates and separates the two bedrooms and the living room-kitchen through sliding doors. Through its large skylight, the interior gains luminosity.