An old apartment that is reborn urban and cosmopolitan

An old apartment that is reborn urban and cosmopolitan

This house, located in a building in Barcelona's Eixample, involved particularities in terms of distribution and structure due to its corner location in the building. The original home was distributed in a living room in the chamfer position and the master bedroom at the other end of the facade. The kitchen, very small and dark, communicated with the living room through the distribution hall. From the kitchen you could access the bathroom that contained the only shower in the house and in front was another bedroom. This distribution generated very dark spaces.

Nook Architects turned all the pieces and removed one of the bedrooms to gain space in the day area. After the reform, the positions of the living room and kitchen have been reversed and a vertical opening is opened in the load wall that separates them, so that they gain space and lighting. The master bedroom is now located in the chamfer, gaining space. In the place occupied by the old kitchen is a large bathroom with translucent polycarbonate door. When the bathroom light is on, this sliding panel acts as a vertical lamp, expanding the spatial sensation of the central part of the house. The only pieces that maintain their original position are the secondary room and a toilet, completely renovated.

The relationship between the living room and the master bedroom has also been enhanced thanks to a large sliding door that integrates with the ocher color of the partition wall.

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The new distribution of the spaces manages to drag the light that enters from the facade to the darkest part of the house. In addition, the relationship between day spaces is improved, more in line with the current lifestyle.

For modern life

In the reform, the main carpentry in the facade have been preserved, restoring them for later enamel painting. Instead of the 4mm single glasses, double glazing with an air chamber has been placed. All are comforts in the new home.

Seen brick, vaults and wooden beams

The materials and shades used by the Nook Architects studio in this reform are very natural in appearance: unstained wood for the flooring of the living room and bedrooms, hydraulic floor of geometric drawing for the kitchen and bathrooms, and ceramic textures varnished in matt in the structural wall and vaults. Some of the walls have been left uncoated to enhance the ceramic textures. The rest of the apartment's shades: white, ocher and gray.

Brick and wall

Detail of the brick wall and the half-height wall as a base with deco objects.

Materials in the dining room

Iron and wood table with wooden chairs and upholstered seat.

A partition and sliding door

The relationship between the living room and the master bedroom has also been enhanced, thanks to a large sliding door that integrates with the ocher color of the partition wall, disappearing when it is open.

With the door closed

In the upper part of this ocher partition, a mirror has been installed, which achieves a spatial sensation of depth and, at the same time, the possibility of completely obscuring the main room.

The main room

The master bedroom has gained space now that it is now located in the chamfer. On the ceiling of the bedroom the vaults change their orientation: here they are radial to save the position in the building.

Go from the day zone

View from the dining room to the kitchen through two openings that communicate with the kitchen, bathroom and the second bedroom and the toilet. At the end of the gallery you can see the distribution of space on the floor plan.

The living room

Open beams and vaults on the roof. Very personal. Here, in the living room, a reading and gathering area. In the partition, you take to be able to place a module with the audiovisual devices. The sofa would be in the middle of the living room, next to the dining room, dividing the space.

Towards the kitchen, the bathroom and the toilet

The entire kitchen, bathroom and toilet area, as well as the distributor to the second bedroom has been covered in white and yellow geometric tiles.

Visual connection

View of the accesses from the day area to the rest of the house.

Kitchen distributed in L with peninsula

The kitchen is distributed in L with work area and store front with tall furniture. The space is completed with a peninsula with desatuinos bar.

Geometric floor

View from the kitchen to the bedroom and toilet.

Natural light that is distributed

The natural light of the main façade that the living room, dining room and the master bedroom directly receive is cast into the rest of the house through the open spaces in the front that separates the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom day area.

No doors

Go without doors, total connection.

The bathroom

In the position of the old kitchen there is a large bathroom with a translucent polycarbonate door.

An enlightening resource

When the bathroom light is on, this sliding panel acts as a vertical lamp.

With shower and cabin

Interior of the bathroom with shower. Next to the glass shower screen is a glass door through which you access the toilet cabin.

Toilet with sliding door

The toilet with sliding door. It faces the second bedroom.

Home distribution plan