Two current kitchens, two styles: urban and industrial

Two current kitchens, two styles: urban and industrial

Both kitchens, with Santos signature furniture, have top quality materials but very different styles. An urban and minimal in white. The other industrial in color and with brick walls.

Two styles, equally practical. We show you and detail so you can help us.

Which one do you prefer? Which one do you like the most?*

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Advertising - Keep reading below Urban and minimal

This kitchen is painted in total white. The project is carried out by Moretti, distributor of the Santos brand. Galán Sobrini Arquitectos is in charge of the work and the decoration is by Adriana Arranz-Sobrini and Cristina Chaves Galán. Photos: Nacho Uribe.

Model stools I drink in white leather, swivel and adjustable, Softline.

Large-format porcelain floor tiles, from Peña Tiles.

The distribution

The kitchen is organized from a central island where cooking and preparation areas are located, as well as a breakfast bar. The rest of the furniture is distributed in two walls in L.

Bell Wake ceiling, from Falmec. Oven, by Miele.

The front of the sink

In front of the window, the sink area-

All in very bright tones

The blind module is designed by Santos. All furniture is from the line Line-L blank snow and Line-L In sand gray. The countertop is Dekton Zenith

Island with plate

Detail of the bell, embedded in the ceiling, on the island.

Warehouse space

The kitchen has a lot of storage space.

Laundry room

The washing machine room is behind the island.

Wallpaper, by Cole & Son.

Detail of the finishes

Detail of the furniture finish.

Industrial line kitchen

This industral air cooking project is carried out by Santos Brezo, distributor of the Santos brand. Iciar de Basterrechea is the architect. The decoration and styling is by Santos Brezo. Photographs: Esther Carmona.

Inspired by a loft

Inhaled in the lofts neoyoquinos, this kitchen has a comfortable and functional equipment. The atmosphere is clear and is clear with this straight line furniture design Line Y Minos-E, Of saints.

A central element that distributes space

The column cabinets are finished in anthracite gray, in line with the stair railing and the window profiles. The island is finished in Coral matte silk

The distribution

The furniture is distributed in parallel with island and furniture. The furniture integrates appliances and storage space. In the center of the room, a multifunction island with preparation, cooking and scrubbing areas.

With breakfast bar

The island also has a breakfast bar and fast food.


Wooden beams, brick walls and modern furniture.

With natural light View from the top floor