A floor full of light and color

A floor full of light and color

The reform project of this central apartment from Madrid and its execution were carried out by Nimú Design Team. With its modern interior design and its new distribution, there is nothing left of its past as a clinic. Now is a bright house with splendid views to the landscape of Madrid, thanks to its large windows. Boosting the light and merging exterior and interior were priorities for the owner, who, moreover, with practicality, requested that her new home have a laundry room - since she needed a place to hang - and a storage area.

With the distribution raised by the study all your wishes were fulfilled. Was key Divide the house into two areas: common and private. In the common, with six huge windows on the main facade and another four on the sides, there is a living room, which integrates the kitchen, a play or reading area and an office. All in a diaphanous and rectangular floor plan, where each room has its space delimited by half-height walls, which allow the passage of natural light and ensure that the views are contemplated from anywhere in the spacious living room.

With this distribution, the circulation becomes fluid between the environments and eye contact is maintained throughout the room, except for the play and reading area, located behind the kitchen and somewhat further away, to leave the corner more precisely to be. Already in the private area, the bedrooms were located, the main one with bathroom, and the second one, with access to the clothesline that the owner needed, and that with a few meters has become a laundry room and iron. The storage room, finally, was located between two bedrooms. As for the coatings, the ultra-bright white of the walls was combined with a warm wooden floor treated with oil.

In the kitchen and in the bathrooms, a very similar aesthetic is chosen, with the black and white, and white and gray duos, to achieve a color homogeneity, which creates a feeling of greater breadth in all. The color bet in the room, however, is the opposite. Overlapping and contrasting a wide variety of tones is used to gain maximum visual interest.

Advertising - Keep reading below A large meeting space

A multicolored carpet, with geometric motifs and optical effect focuses attention on the living room and serves as a link between the two sofas, with different upholsteries.
Sofas: eggplant, from Avant Haus, and beige, designed by Nimú Design Team. Cushions and carpet model Cubic, from BoConcept.

Corner with plants

They are unique to convey a feeling of freshness in the room, and also contribute to breathing a healthier air because they purify it. To succeed with irrigation, use hydrojardineras.

A very personal deco

Relax and escape, without leaving home. A hammock in the middle of the room evokes an unusual feeling of freedom in this urban flat. Its presence gives the atmosphere a bohemian atmosphere, while separating the living area from the dining room.
Cushions in the hammock and crochet pouf, from Filocolore. Nest tables, from BoConcept.

Contrast colors

The purple sofa upholstery gains prominence with a mix of cushions in a wide variety of colors. On the floor, geometric patterns further enrich the color palette. An idea that works!
Cushions and Cubic carpet, are from BoConcept.

Living room, dining room and kitchen: open space

The living area maintains visual connection with other living room environments: dining room, kitchen and work area. These last two are separated by walls, and not partitions, with the aim of making the most of natural light and feeling more spacious.
Sideboard, in walnut and lacquer, designed by Nimú Design Team. Vase of colors, picture and lamp, from BoConcept. Samsung TV.

Flowers to decorate

A white vase with a narrow neck and petals around it has a floral design with a sculptural vocation. Pieces like this have visual interest, with or without flowers.
The vase, acquired on a trip to Holland, is from the Passa Flor florist.

The dinner room

Detail of the dining room table, bought in Holland.
Chairs and damajuanas, acquired in Madrid's Rastro.

Different chairs

The El Rastro chairs in Madrid, with different backrests and seats, share vintage style, full of charm, and form a large family around a king size wooden table, acquired in Holland.

Kitchen open to the living room

The kitchen is a more ambience of the living room, although its space, rectangular in plan, is delimited with a work wall, tiled in turquoise, and a taller one. Access to it is simple, there are no doors, only two openings.
Turquoise tiles, from Ceramica Vogue, in Azulejos Peña.

Kitchen on two fronts

The tallest wall is equipped with the refrigerator and the most bulky furniture.
Nimú Kitchen Design Team.

Maximum clarity in the kitchen

Its orientation allows to maintain eye contact with the living room, while it is cooking. With the installation of the sink and the ceramic hob at the ends a large countertop surface is achieved.
Ceramic hob and oven, from AEG. Bell by Zanussi. Sink, by Ikea. Grifo, from Taps Three.

After the kitchen, playground

The white bookcase blends easily with the walls and its refined and symmetrical design harmonizes with the decoration. Placed here, in addition, it makes the distribution of living room furniture easier, since with so many windows, its location was complicated.

Study and reading corner

The work area, separated from the living room with a half wall, is equipped with an extra long table.

Tulip chairs by Knoll; flexos, by Habitat, and paper globe lamps, by Ikea.

Very personal style

The decoration of each room in the house stands out for its uniqueness. If the cloud of balloon lamps is surprising in the work area, in the children's bedroom it is the bursts of color and the mix of pieces that attract attention.
Red chest of drawers, from Ikea

Play corner

Sillita, from Vinçon; Habitat table; and vinyl Olifant, from Inke. Stage, by Leroy Merlin.

Fun & sweet children's bedroom

The head of a reindeer on the wall, stuffed animals on the headboard and a rocket that rises to a starry sky ... These details of the children's room, around a wrought iron bed with bars, distil fantasy and much tenderness. The gray base, in stark contrast to the white, makes the furniture stand out more.
Nicolas bed, by Maisons du Monde. Cushions, blanket and stool with crochet cover, from Filocolore. Lamp, by Habitat. Correpasillos, from EurekaKids.

A bedroom with character

The headboard, used as a bookstore, and a wooden moose head, have a great visual impact on the master bedroom, where the dominant white is only contrasted with purple, mauve and pastel green brushstrokes.
Moose head, in wood, purchased at www.sissy-boy.nl. Stage, by Leroy Merlin.

Bedside table recovered

Detail of the bedside table, with a retro air lamp and a mini stool.
Linen cushions, from Filocolore.

A bright bathroom

It is because a wide skylight with transparent glass opened between him and the bedroom. Its white decoration enhances that luminosity. To highlight, the work shower with a king size glass screen.
Faucet Bimax, from Taps Three, in shower and sink. Sink, by Leroy Merlin.

An original trophy

Used to see them in the living room, this moose head surprises in the bedroom. Curious accessories in new places ... maximum visual interest!
Moose head, in wood, purchased at www.sissy-boy.nl.

Bathroom and clothesline

From the children's bathroom, which maintains the materials and aesthetics of the main, you can access another room, used as a clothesline and ironing room. In the partition that separates them, a glazed opening was also opened.
Bimax Taps, from Taps Three. Apply from Ikea. Tray in bathtub and platform, of Habitat.

Laundry with clothesline and much more ...

It was done at the request of the owner, since the house lacked it. It was projected with more meters to turn it into a laundry room and iron and thus leave the kitchen more clear

Plan and details of the reform

- Kitchen, office, play / reading corner ... are environments that share space, natural light and views on the open floor plan of the living room. However, with strategic walls they become independent, without losing eye contact.