10 design pieces I would invest in if I were rich

10 design pieces I would invest in if I were rich


When we imagine our ideal home, we always forget the most important part: money. And is that many of the furniture we would like to have are so expensive that we could only get them if the lottery will hit us, or if we would allocate all our savings to them (complicated, huh?).

Either way, You are not here to lament, but to fantasize about the 10 pieces I would buy if I had enough left over money, so ... let the fun begin!

Advertising - Keep reading below 1 A very chic office table Batavia

Black structure, on a colored glass bottle green and brass profile. This is the office table of my dreams, Perfect for a small flat in the city center. For € 3,921.61. How about?

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2 A sofa by Jonathan Adler Jonathan Adler

The American designer is famous for its luxurious and sophisticated furniture and accessories (sometimes too overloaded). But we must recognize that he conceives authentic jewels, and one of them are the sofas.

Like this modern style model composed of a metal structure, Y upholstered with deep blue velvet. The price? About € 3,500.

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3 A Hermès bench at the foot of the bed Hermes

Here the sum rises to unsuspected limits, but in the case of Hermès, it does not surprise me. It's about a beautiful bench that I would put at the foot of my bed, with drawers and auxiliary worktop lined in calf. And here comes the figure ... € 14,000!

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4 A classic style bathtub Victoria + Albert

I've been fantasizing about having one of these bathtubs all my life, and even if it's the fault of the Hollywood of the forties and the great actresses of the star system, I hope to get it at some point in my life. It is Classic, elegant, with an irresistible nostalgia point... Anyway, it has everything! The only thing I dislike is what it is worth: about € 2,500.

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5 An impressionist rug Driade

I won't be able to have a Monet box, but one rug designed by Linde Burkhardt and handmade with virgin woolyes! For € 3,600

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6 An infinite sideboard Cappellini

As a good music lover and vinyl collector, I would need a place to store all my treasures, and what better place than the living room? Above all, if it is in a sideboard with oak finish and enough space to house a musical decade. The only problem is that to get it you would have to pay about € 4,000 ... 😭

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7 An armchair by Arne Jacobsen Batavia

East 20th century Danish designer, bearer of the Modern Architecture Movement in your country, che received such iconic pieces the armchair Egg. And this model, leather upholstered with chrome steel legsI would have all the ballots become my favorite reading corner. From € 6,024.59

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8 An unforgettable lamp Moooi

As if it were an eternal flower, this Moooi lamp would look great running the ceiling of the room.

Further, you can attach as many models as you need to make it as long as you want. The price of each? From € 2,103. Let the piggy bank be prepared!

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9 A design house for my dog ​​friend She Devil

If I go to fashion, he too! Trendy and so tasty, of course, because This pet design house has a fluffy cushion with washable cover inside.

The only thing I would not know is whether to put it inside or outside the house, next to my huge pool infinity... Although for the € 570 the largest size costs, it would be better to look!

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10 Gold Covered Perrin's house

Far from being ostentatious, these 24 karat polished gold cutlery They are ideal to give a touch of sophistication to the table. In fact, it would be my first whim for € 80.

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