Yes, we assure you that what you are going to see is a pharmacy

Yes, we assure you that what you are going to see is a pharmacy


It's called Medly, and if you live in New York (or you go there) you can enjoy the services of this state-of-the-art pharmacy. And is that after the success of food delivery or video clips like Netflix, Now fashion is… order your medications on-line! Or at least, that is what this modern design pharmacy offers in Brooklyn. Although seeing the decoration of the place, we have no doubt that you should go there in the old way, that is, in person!

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The establishment is decorated in a color reminiscent of the nurses' uniform.

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Next-generation computers, straight and polished lines ... This pharmacy looks like something out of a science fiction movie!

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All in order

The packaging of medications is as careful as decoration.

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In harmony

The motifs of the floor tiles resemble a pill.

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Waiting room

The chairs in the waiting room pay homage to the Japanese designer Shiro Kuramata.

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Each piece of decoration has been carefully chosen.

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Pure design

And comfort! They already want the doctor's waiting rooms ... .

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Surely soon the concept becomes a worldwide trend!

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