Fifty Shades of Gray: A high level deco

Fifty Shades of Gray: A high level deco

The life of Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson), a naive and virgin university student, takes a radical turn when she meets Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan), a handsome and enigmatic young billionaire who becomes infatuated with her. The paths of the relationship are well known to all. Based on the eponymous novel by E.L. James, Fifty Shades of Grey The film by director Sam Taylor-Wood, has just premiered in Spain with the highest expectations and exorbitant figures.

The erotic novel, published in 2011 by the British author, became a best seller who followed Fifty shadows darkerY Fifty shadows released.An entire sexual revolution through letters, which captivated readers around the world. The novel was born as a tribute by E.L. James (pseudonym of former British television executive Erika Leonard) to Edward Cullen Y Beautiful swan, the most romantic twilight vampire couple in cinema, but less spicy.

Curiosities around history, countless! From the way the plot arose, the publication of the stories through a page Web with characters inspired by the protagonists of Twilight to criticism, followers and detractors of sexual content or forecasts of increased sales in sex shops and hardware stores with the premiere of the film (in the United Kingdom a well-known chain of hardware stores has increased its stock of ropes, flanges and insulating tape, materials that the protagonist buys to carry out his fantasies).

Criticisms regarding the rhythm and interpretation of the actors have also become news. By theme and interpretation, the controversy is served. But since we focus on the decoration of the luxurious and masculine apartment in which the billionaire lives Flock, epicenter of sexual history. The main hall is presided by a piano, it is a stay open to other spaces and with large windows. The decoration highlights luxury with original design furniture and sculptural lamps.

Advertising - Keep reading below The living room of Gray's apartment

Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) and Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) Scene in the movie hall Fifty Shades of Gray.


A luxury console

Inspired by the French cabarets, this console looks in a passage area of ​​the apartment Flock. The envelope is upholstered in leather, with black glass handles and a striking foot. Console Burlesque, from the Koket firm.

Lamps that are jewels

During the day, the apartment enjoys the natural light that enters through the windows. At night, the ambient light becomes important to create a calm atmosphere. Table lamp Turner, Delightfull, has a foot formed by several movable arches. They are made of brass, finished in copper, and the screen is made of gloss lacquered aluminum.

The chairs, in satin

Another of the pieces that can be seen in the apartment of Flock is the chair Eanda Dining Chair, from Brabbu. It is upholstered in satin.

A flexo inspired by a singer

Inspired by singer Amy Winehouse, the model Amy Delightfull is also found in this story.

A sofa with rounded shapes

Where does the enigmatic Gray sit when he rests at home? The couch Desire, from the Koket firm, decorate your living area with the curved structure in matt gold and the shine of your upholstery.

More than a chair, an armchair

To complete the seating area, to create a reading corner or to decorate a corner of a passage area, as seen in some frames of the film Fifty Shades of Flock. Chair Chignon, Koket, upholstered with fabric Reptilia Phyton Champagne soft. What glamor!

Center table

A coffee table that evokes a cut trunk. The wood veneer of the envelope sports a dark tone in contrast to the brass bark. Is the model Sequoia, from Brabbu.

Wall light

It is the wall sconce Vellum, of Brabbu, made of brass.