Tips when buying a fondue ... And hit!

Tips when buying a fondue ... And hit!

The fondue It is a very easy to use kitchen accessory that allows you to prepare a dinner that everyone likes and that is both sweet and salty.

Before choosing the model of fondue that best suits your needs, look at these points.

- Material. They can be found in iron, stainless steel and even porcelain. The steel ones are the most common because they are light, heat quickly and clean easily.

- Functioning. The classic ones are candle and burner. In both cases, be careful with the flame. You can also find them electric that heat faster and the temperature is better controlled thanks to a regulator.

- Capacity. It depends on the use that will be given. It is best to take models for 4-6 people.

- Burners. most of fondues They work with one where you put alcohol to burn liquid or gel. Always make sure it is cold and never exceed its capacity.

Fondues ... to melt!

fondue in red

To buy

34,93 €

With splash guard, from Beka.

Rustic fondue

To buy

42,68 €

In stainless steel and copper

fondue mini for two

To buy

22,79 €

Ideal for a mini cheese fondue.

Electric electric fondue

To buy

47,85 €

Ideal if there are children at the table, by Russell Hobbs.

fondue mini MIni

To buy

13,23 €

Perfect for chocolate, from Ibili.

Microwave fondue

To buy

15,50 €

No fuel, no fire, from Lékué.

Source type

To buy

26,99 €

Ideal for parties, Princess.

fondue for lovers

To buy

11,40 €

Perfect for Valentine's Day, from Tish.

Glass fondue

To buy

49,95 €

For, meats, cheese and chocolate, from Style'n Cook.

Full fondue

To buy

100,77 €

The most complete set with 22 pieces, by Soul Kitchen.

Fondue for children

To buy

19,99 €

They will have a pipe, from BabyAmy.

skewers skewers

To buy

10,50 €

With insulating handle and sharp tips, from Pebly.