Where do I keep the toys?

Where do I keep the toys?

Take advantage of everything

If you do not have much room in your house to store toys, look for holes and furniture that are useful but without the result being overwhelming. Use the space under the bed to put boxes, equal baskets on shelves that will give
greater sense of order and opt for flown furniture, folding and with double function.

The bedside table teepee-shaped, Pikiti, 119 €, from AM.PM. La Redoute, is ideal because, when hung, lightens the room and the drawer allows you to store games and stuffed animals.

We play the houses?

Her Majesties from the East have already visited your home and left her full of toys. The time comes for save them.

The first thing is to remove those that by age have been small or those that are broken. Of the new ones, leave more on hand those who will use daily, and on high, those with whom you play less or need your supervision.

The bookcase House, 110x30x83 cm, 149 €, from Zara Home, will allow you to have everything in order and, at the same time, be another game.

We're leaving for birthday

On the occasion of the 90th anniversary of Mickey Mouse, Leroy Merlin launches a collection limited to fill your children's space with originality and fun. Find wallpaper, lamps and textiles.

Mickey Friends Duvet Cover, for 90 bed, 34,95 €; sheer curtain, 140x270 cm, 32,95 €; carpet, 80x150 cm, 29,95 €; cushion, 40x40 cm, 9,95 €; cushion 30x50 cm, 9,95 €. It is pure fantasy!

Open the magic door

Do you have children of age to neglect?

Get the Doors of the Little Mouse Perez, 34 € approx., From Oui Oui, so that the rodent can enter his bedroom, take the tooth and leave a gift.

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