A flat with a functional distribution and modern style overlooking the mountains

A flat with a functional distribution and modern style overlooking the mountains

Miriam Yeleq

Living near the center of Madrid and enjoying privileged views of the mountains is a real luxury that the owners of this house, a couple with a child, knew how to see and appreciate. Without a doubt, the location is one of the great attractions of this apartment, which is also spacious and bright. Therefore, the day the interior designer María del Valle visited the apartment for the first time, she immediately saw its enormous potential. The owners relied on their study, María del Valle Interior Staging, to design a new house, with a more functional distribution and quality finishes that gave it a look Modern and warm.


With the aim of making the most of the housing strengths,
the interior design studio got to work.

Almost 150 m2 of the house were organized in four rooms not too large and two minimal terraces. In addition, the ceramientros were dark and of very low quality, and the crystals, small, which limited the entry of light. In the reform partitions were thrown to expand the bedrooms and the terraces were integrated into the house.

PLANE OF THE HOUSE. The house is distributed in an irregular floor plan, with a living and dining area; three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a toilet and a great kitchen with clothesline. The floor grew by joining two wasted terraces: one to the large social area, and another, to one of the rooms. Miriam Yeleq

The original enclosures were replaced by new ones in white lacquered aluminum, with thermal break, to avoid condensation and the passage of cold or heat from the outside. The works were also used to update the coatings. Thus, an American natural oak parquet was installed throughout the house, except in the kitchen and bathrooms, where a large-format porcelain tile was installed. The walls, with gotelé, were smoothed and painted in natural and luminous tones.


The María del Valle Interior Staging studio was also responsible for the interior design project.

COZY ATMOSPHERE IN THE SALON. The toasted tones of the upholstery, the wood of the floor and the texture of the vegetable fiber of the carpet add warmth to the living room. The side table is by María del Valle Interior Staging. Lamp, by Kartell. The cushions are from Kenay Home. Miriam Yeleq

With the premise of creating modern but, above all, cozy environments, where the owners felt really at ease when they arrived home after a day of work, they tried not to overwhelm the spaces with unnecessary pieces. Antique furniture, of family heritage, was combined with current designs, many of them designed by María del Valle's studio, such as the sofa
and the side table for the living area, the dining table and the headboard, the bedside tables and the cupboards of the master bedroom, among others.


In the decoration of the living room, as in the rest of the house, current line furniture was combined with legacy antique pieces, such as the two armchairs that close the living area. The front of the sofa was decorated with a picture of Canogar and the wall was painted with a tone that coordinated.

The sofa is by María del Valle Interior Staging and the coffee table is by Becara. Miriam Yeleq

The fabrics and upholstery, in neutral tones, smooth and without stridency, contribute to create that air of serenity that is breathed throughout the house.


Integrating the two terraces with which the house had allowed to transform the interior into spacious, bright and open rooms, with a new, more comfortable distribution.

In the living room, the space gained was reserved to locate the dining area, with a table by María del Valle Interior Staging, and chairs, by Kartell. Curtains, from Corticenter; crockery and vases, from Kenay Home. Miriam Yeleq


In the kitchen decoration we opted for a modern aesthetic, with furniture of refined lines, clean finishes and steel appliances.

The cabinets are from Santos. The bell is from Pando, and the sink is from Franke. Coatings, of Cheops. The white fruit bowl is from Comportha Deco. Miriam Yeleq

The kitchen was completely renovated. The María del Valle Interior Staging studio designed a distribution that would allow for an area for breakfast and daily meals.

He gray ground break with him White of furniture, tiles and countertop.

AT THE END OF THE HOB. Ikea's table was placed attached to the wall so as not to impede the passage. The chairs are from Casa y Campo. Miriam Yeleq


The partition that separated two adjoining rooms was removed to create a single bedroom. In its decoration, different shades of gray were combined with yellow brushstrokes.

The headboard, with upholstery by Pepe Peñalver, is a design by María del Valle Interior Staging. Poufs, cushions and carpet, from Comportha Deco. The quilt is from Kenay Home. Miriam Yeleq


A simple piece of furniture was designed, with grilles, to let the heat out and integrated shelves.

The wall that made the bathroom bedroom independent was replaced by a fixed leaf and a sliding glass door with acid. With this solution, it was possible to combine intimacy, luminosity and space management.

Miriam Yeleq LAVABO AREA. On the blown countertop, two square sinks and built-in faucets were placed, very current. The wall setback was taken advantage of with little bottom cabinets. Miriam Yeleq