This month I discovered some tips

This month I discovered some tips

We are very lucky to live in smart homes, which adapt to its inhabitants, and not vice versa. The priority is us; Therefore, architecture and interior design have chosen to update their principles and transform spaces into more flexible environments.

Open concept, en suite bedrooms, enclosures that unite or separate on demand, home automation ... are solutions that mark our day to day and allow us to develop the kind of life we ​​want. If you consider a reform, do not hesitate, let yourself be advised by an expert - we have done it and we tell you - because they are not only up to date on the latest materials and trends; In addition, they see great possibilities that will surely surprise you pleasantly. Look at your house with other eyes ... maybe this year, finally, you're going to launch.

Cristina Sánchez Chief Editor @crisangar

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