A house south of Mallorca

A house south of Mallorca

The owner of this old country house he trusted the experience of Mallorcan architect Arnau Panadés when he decided to reform it. The objective was to turn it into a more modern house, which would have all the comforts of today, but without losing its rural essence or its charm; And so it has been.

The house, seen from the outside, maintains the stone facade and even fruit trees that already had, but now incorporates important improvements that allow to make more life outdoors. Among them, the enabling two porches, building an elevated pool and integrated into the environment, and installing a large iron glazing which, located in a vaulted passage -before destined for storage-, supposes a generous entrance to natural light and “literally” opens the house to the landscape. Regarding the interior, the architect modified the distribution to make it more functional. The two spaces that gained the most from the changes were the kitchen and the living room, since they now have more windows and meters. The reason is obvious: they are stays where you spend a lot of time, and they are also the meeting place to be with family and friends. Therefore, the kitchen is really something else. It can be said that life in the house revolves around it because it is an open space where the work area shares space with a dining room and a living area; but also, it has direct entry from the street and an access to the porch that precedes the pool.

It is decorated, like the rest of the rooms of the house, with the simplicity of a updated and functional rustic style; in which you bet on the white in walls and ceiling, and a ceramic pavement that mimics the clay tiles. A very successful combination that creates bright and at the same time cozy spaces and, in addition, gives continuity to the different environments of the house. In the living room and bedroom, what stands out most is the naturalness of the decoration, based on the mixture of Raw upholstery with rustic furniture made of natural wood. Here, as in the kitchen, the presence of natural light floods the two environments and manages to connect the interior with the exterior.

Advertising - Keep reading below View of the porch with an outdoor dining room.

Here stands out the great arch and the domed passage that leads to the kitchen. To the right of the photo, the fence that separates this area from the pool. Teak chairs and table with iron stand are from Tempo Mobles.

The house maintains the original stone facade and even the fruit trees.

In the image, another of the porches of the house from which a staircase that leads to its roof starts, which is used as a solarium when good weather arrives, and also as a viewpoint.

The pool is integrated into the surrounding landscape.

Located at a lower level than the rest of the house, it blends with the horizon and the environment naturally. It is also an excellent viewpoint from which to enjoy the sunsets. Cushions and tray, from Ikea.

The living area was oriented towards the entrance of natural light.

In addition, to connect the interior with the exterior, the sofas were placed facing both sides of the door leading to the porch; coffee table and bookcase in cherry tree; Everything from Tempo Mobles.

Good idea

The white color, which floods the entire room, and the ceiling height multiply the natural light and create the sensation of greater amplitude.

The kitchen and dining room share a space

which is cozy by the combination of the oak wood of the Xey furniture, for sale in Cuinart, and the rustic coverings. Table and chairs, by Tempo Mobles. Dishwasher, from Siemens.

In the bedroom a large niche was made that replaces the traditional headboard.

To decorate the room, several textures were combined and raw tones mixed with toasted. Table, lamp, cushions and curtains; of Tempo Mobles.

In the bedroom

The opening finished off with an arch, which stands out for its dimensions and frames the bathroom door, separates the rest area from the dressing room.

In the bathroom there is a semi-recessed sink in a wooden cabinet.

Its design resembles an old bathtub and its special measures allow the installation of two faucets with blade controls.

The plan shows the division of the house into two different zones, which form an L.

The one that occupies more area and has a square floor consists of a hall, which leads to two bedrooms and the living room; and the master bedroom. The second area is an elongated and diaphanous space with kitchen, dining room and living area.