An open and optimistic floor

An open and optimistic floor

On the 25th floor of a tower of the Moscow city Jimki, a couple of businessmen found the home of their dreams. Well, the base on which they would build the home of their dreams, because the 92 square meter apartment they bought did not quite meet their needs. "They wanted a bright, modern interior with touches of color. As open and free as possible and at the same time practical and functional," explain designers Yekaterina Belyakova and Olga Karayani of the studio Belyakova & Karayani, who have been responsible for making reality, reform through, this long wish list.

The first thing they did was to rethink the spaces. The entrance was very wide and next to it was a small bathroom in square meters, so the first room gave ground to the second getting a functional bathroom. The same happened with part of the hall, which became a front of closets for the master bedroom. On the other hand, a gap was opened between the living room and the kitchen to achieve a greater sense of spaciousness and visual connection between both rooms, "increasing the perception of volume and creating the feeling of being the same space," the interior designers explain.

The Scandinavian style is mixed with the New York loft. Simple and friendly lines find their counterpoint in the metallic brushstrokes and in the texture of the white brick seen. Colors have played a fundamental role in the project. The light gray and white covering the walls enhances natural light, the vivid tones of furniture, art and accessories give dynamism to the environments and the honey color of the floor brings warmth and character.
Photos: Dina Aleksandrova

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Open, functional and bright. That's how I wanted a couple to be their flat. The Belyakova & Karayani study succeeded.

Of light and color

The light tones of the walls have served to give luminosity and the living of the furniture provide dynamism.

Deco style

The interior designers wanted to mix the friendliness of the Scandinavian style with a current New York loft style. The curtains are from Sanpa home, the cosmorelax photograph, the Barcelona design floor lamp and the Blitz ceiling lamp.

In sight

White brick walls introduce textures discreetly.

Comfort zone

Ikea sofa and armchair and Urbanika coffee table. Behind we can see the opening that was made to connect this space with the kitchen.

What a wildlife

Several brightly colored animals populate the walls of this house.


The office area is made up of a Hoff table with Cosmorelax chairs.

Gray matter

Suite cabinets, Siemenes appliances and Sapper Salt floor.

Minimalist and colored kitchen First impression

At the entrance, chest of drawers by Kare Design and photography by Cosmorelax.

Color lamp

The chandelier It's from Kare Design.

Start the day with optimism

The colors and design of the bedroom communicate calm and vitality at the same time.


Rasch wallpaper.

Bed companions

Bedside tables by Zara Home.

Nordic Rest

Ikea bed and accessories from Urbanika and Barcelona Design.

Support light

Barcelona Design table lamp

Gain space

The bathroom was extended by giving the entrance square meters.

Relaxing bath

The coatings are of Sapient Salt and Lightstar lighting.

Mirror, mirror ...

Ikea washbasin cabinet and Esbano mirror.