A narrow house but very well distributed!

A narrow house but very well distributed!

Small houses have been in fashion for several years, and have given way to an entire design industry, the hacks and the decoration of these spaces, but ... And what about the narrow houses like The Slim House? The property, located in London, is currently for sale for just over 800,000 euros, and is a clear example of how to expand the visual space (although not measuring more than a subway car across the width, since the house was built on an old alley).

The narrow facade is linked on both sides to the neighboring houses, but the interior, redesigned in 2013 by the London firm Alma-nac, was planned with the intention of adding all possible space and light.

Jasper Collivar, in charge of the sale, states, "Its proportions are unique and make it a very exclusive rarity. After being expanded by its former owners, the house was intelligently designed, with strategic storage and accessories as they maximize its little more than 98 m2 ".

The kitchen opens to a small corner that serves as a dining room. In addition, the open shelf for dishes and hooks for hanging utensils, make daily tasks much faster.

In the hall of the hall, the shelf to the ceiling takes advantage of the space of the walls, and the hollow under the staircase is used as storage.

During the renovation in 2013, Alma-nac added an extension to each floor, so that the house won one more room per floor: the dining room, a larger bed in the master bedroom, and another bedroom on the third floor. In addition, the sloping walls allow more natural light to enter and lengthen the ceilings.

But despite its dimensions, the property includes a beautiful garden that was carefully designed to take advantage of sunlight.

If you are interested, the sale of the property is in charge of Jasper Collivar of Savills Wandsworth. Check out the rest of the photos!

Photos: Savillis

Via: House Beautiful US