Outdoor deco details

Outdoor deco details

The pleasure of enjoying the outdoors could well be the title of a book about the good life. And it is that as soon as the good weather arrives, our body asks to abandon us to the breeze and the sun without hurries, to the contemplation of the surroundings and to the walk along paths. Surrounding ourselves with nature, camping, hiking, going to the beach or hiking takes us away from the noise of the city and charges us with a revitalizing dose of vitamin D and fresh air. We have all summer ahead. Squeeze the sunny days and delight yourself in company.

The plans multiply

- In good weather, the outdoor activities there are many. Go to the cultural center of your neighborhood or surf the Web and look for plans in your locality or in neighboring communities. It is time to visit swamps, lakes or natural pools. Take a pair of swimsuits and the towel. Here there is a beach!

- For the most athletes. Routes on foot or by bicycle. Prepare some snacks and other provisions, you have all day ahead. It is important to organize the excursion with some advance notice. Do you go with children? Adapt the plan to their ages. It's about making the activity enjoyable for everyone.

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Without a doubt, a great invention: the hammock. Take it with you, you can always find a couple of nearby trees to fix it.

With the chirping of the birds we enter a state of relaxation such that it is necessary to throw a head.

From Lene Bjerre: hammock Affair (€ 139), cushions (from € 35 to € 85) and vase He loves (29 €).

Play out

- Essential: That children and adults leave home with sunscreen. Bring the boat to apply more every two hours. Cover with hats and always look for a shady area in which to shelter during the break.

- The games adapt: Water, cars, balls ... These are prohibited options inside the house. Surprise them with a trailer to ride on. Is the model Flyer Ranger Wagon with adjustable belt, from Imaginarium (€ 149).

Traditional and simple

Locate a picnic area and organize your own party. Turn it into your private garden for a few hours. Take lanterns, pennants, tablecloths and colorful paper utensils and set up a meeting in an idyllic setting. Paper lanterns, in 15 cm in diameter, from Rice (€ 3.90).

Without going too far

At the door of the house or on a step. The floor is the ideal place to enjoy a little reading.

With the sun some pavements acquire a high temperature. Sit better on a cushion or mat.

One solution: an outdoor carpet. This design, made of printed vinyl fabric, is from It measures 0.70 x 2 m (€ 199).

Don't miss a snack

Whether you are in the garden of your house or on the beach or in the countryside, always bring liquids to cool down and recover. Hydrating is essential when temperatures rise. Metal basket, by Madam Stoltz (€ 27).

My teepee on the beach

store and some element that provides shade, a blanket, folding table and chairs and the appropriate utensils.

Always carry bags to collect the trash you generate, a mosquito repellent and an ointment for insect bites.

It is an excellent way to live with nature. And if you prefer to sleep on a mattress, opt for wooden houses or campsites with bungalows. Everything from Affari: store Cozy (370 €).

To the exterior

Textiles also leave home. Choose fabrics resistant to sun exposure when it comes to outdoor areas.

For cushions and mats, the most appropriate are washable fabrics and the freshest, natural ones.

Lexington bedding: pillowcase, in 50 x 60 cm (from € 32), and duvet cover, in 1.50 x 2.20 m (from € 149).