Prepare your tree for ... Halloween!

Prepare your tree for ... Halloween!

Maybe you didn't know, but Christmas trees are a trend on Halloween. While colored lights, bright balls and red bows are ideal for December, on Halloween the trees are filled with pumpkins, witch hats, black cats and much more. If you are also a fan of the date more creepy, these ideas will conquer you!

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If you want to make a dramatic change to your Christmas tree, use color sprays to paint it with Halloween tones, and don't forget the decorations!

Get the tutorial at Jennifer Perkins.

Photo: Jennifer Perkins

Pure white

Add orange colors, paper ornaments, polka dot bows and a flag garland to turn a winter tree into the perfect Halloween reference.

Get the tutorial on Lil 'Luna.

Photo: Lil 'Luna

The sweetest ornaments

Use empty glass balls to fill them with your favorite candies and you will get the sweetest ornament!

Get the tutorial in Home Talk.

What do you need:
- Crystal balls: € 8 (approx.) For 10 on Amazon
- Corn candies: € 16 (approx.) For a bag at Amazon

Photo: Tammy Brenner

With masks

Masks and feathers add texture to this white tree, but why stay there? Dare with colorful accessories and use parts of old costumes to complete the decoration.

Get the tutorial in Whipper Berry.

Photo: Whipper Berry

Spider web

What would Halloween be without spider webs?

Get the tutorial at Jennifer Perkins.

Photo: Jennifer Perkins

Pumpkin balls

If you have plenty of thread, it will be very easy to make these pumpkin-shaped balls! Ideal for adding a touch of color.

Get the tutorial in One Little Project.

What do you need:
- Orange thread: € 5 (approx.) On Amazon
- Balloons: € 4 (approx.) For 10 on Amazon
- Brushes: € 2 (approx.) At Amazon

Photo: One Little Project

In black and white

Transforming a silver tree into the perfect piece for Halloween is as simple as placing bows and ornaments of colors that generate contrast, and all without losing an ounce of elegance!

Get the tutorial in Ella Claire.

Photo: Ella Claire

Impact colors

Inspired by the Teal Pumpkin Project (a proposal to avoid allergies during the famous "trick or treat"), this tree has been decorated with the colors of the initiative. You sign up?

Get the tutorial in Treetopia.

Photo: Treetopia

Full of ghosts

These ghosts are as cheap as quick to make, and they will look great on your tree!

Get the tutorial in My Name Is Snickerdoodle.

Photo: My Name Is Snickerdoodle

Game of colors

The most iconic Halloween figures, such as ghosts, witches and calabzas, will stand out much more if you use colors such as purple, green and orange.

Get the tutorial in Between Naps on the Porch.

Photo: Between Naps on the Porch

In black color

Tammy Brenner bought this tiny tree and painted it black before hanging the ornaments.

Get the tutorial in Home Talk.

Photo: Tammy Brenner

Garland of black cats

Instead of using the typical lights, this black cat garland is much more suitable for the date. We tell you how to do it!

1. Download The contour of the face.

2. Place it on a black cardboard, and with a white pencil, draw the line and cut out the shape. Do what you need!

3. Use scissors to cut small strips on the top and sides of the faces.

4. Glue each face on a string, making sure they stay well centered.

5. With a punch, make them the little holes for the eyes.

6. Place the garland of lights so that they match the eyes and ... ready!

Family photos

A fantastic idea to keep your family in mind! You will only need a colorful paper and several ties to make it perfect.

Get the tutorial at Blue Ribbon Kitchen.

Photo: Blue Ribbon Kitchen

Witch hat

The witch hat is a Halloween classic. It is also cheap, easy to get, and gives it a lot of character!

Get the tutorial in All That Glitters.

Photo: All That Glitters

Terribly adorable

If you want your tree to look beautiful, these ornaments are ideal!

Get the tutorial at Paper-and-String.

Photo: Paper-and-String

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