Dress up your living room with trendy top details

Dress up your living room with trendy top details

Textile accessories they bring brushstrokes of color and textures to the upholstered furniture, but also a plus of style. To get it right, you can apply some tips of styling ...

- Mix of sizes and fabrics, but always with more than studied harmony, as stylists and bloggers do.
- Infallible, that the blanket, the plaidor some next detail, such as vases, candles and centers, have similar tones.
- What does it take? Nordic-inspired cushions, with geometric patterns, but also with phrases / manifestos and graphics.
- Drag the handmade look Y knitting, Besides prints, vintage and shabby. To discover new trends, follow the websites of Mimub, Achica and Westwing. There are discounts!

Advertising - Keep reading under My Cloud Cushion

In vintage mauve, it can be washed without removing it. Cotton cushion, measures 37 x 50 cm. For sale at www.lorenacanals.com (45 €).

Very feminine

With loops that look like flowers. Manta Rosa, from Maisons du Monde, in polyester; It measures 1.25 x 1.50 m (€ 39.99).

A Nordic-chic design

In its quilted fabric, a chalk pink band stands out. Cushion, from Bloomingville, measuring 50 x 50 cm (€ 25.95).

Printed and embroidered linen

Privium cushion Feather, from El Corte Inglés, with measures of 30 x 45 cm (€ 25.95).


In blue and fringed tones. Blanket Paisley, from Zara Home; It measures 1.30 x 1.70 m (€ 79.99).

Always as new!

A carpet that is washed in a washing machine. Model Hippy, in cotton; measures 1.20 x 1.60 m (€ 152 in www.lorenacanals.com).

Fan of the point?

Woven cotton cushion with buttons, from Hübsch Home Interior & Design; It measures 30 x 50 cm (€ 60).