A splendid penthouse with terrace in the city

A splendid penthouse with terrace in the city


When their current owners - a couple of young professionals - found this home in Madrid, they knew they should reform it from top to bottom. Despite its spectacular terrace - the best of the house - the rest of the rooms, very small, were distributed in two rooms, a minimal kitchen and an uncomfortable bathroom. Far from what they demanded: wide and open spaces, projected outwards.

Good insulation One of the problems of the attics is its excessive exposure to cold and heat. Therefore, this reform was invested in insulating ceilings and walls for greater comfort and energy savings of the owners. And they were painted in white to better capture the abundant natural light that the whole house enjoys. Floor lamp, by Aromas del Campo. Armchair, from Westwing.

In & out. Installing a glazed door allows a better integration of the terrace into the living room, even when it is closed. Here we opted for an aluminum carpentry with hidden sheet profiles and a type of smart glass, which filters the sun in summer and blocks the heat coming out in winter days. Crystal Guardian Sun, from Guardian Glass.

The echo touch. In front of the living area is the kitchen, open and with breakfast bar included.The presence of plants is important both outside and inside the house.

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The existence of a pillar in the room conditioned the distribution a lot. To take advantage of that corner, a custom-made shelving with shelves was placed on the wall. An armchair and a floor lamp turned this space into a pleasant reading area.

Vertical threesome
In the living area, on the sofa, a composition of pictures of identical size and molding was placed. Its disposition, side by side, and the choice of similar frames and themes reinforce the sense of order. This type of compositions on the seating area makes the ceilings appear taller. Pictures: 3 interior anatomies, by Aikvall. Pouf, carpet, planter and mirror, from Zara Home.

OUTDOOR LIFE Lupe Clemente

Having a terrace in the city is a privilege; especially if it is wide, like this one. Its generous dimensions made it possible to place a relaxation area with a sofa and armchair on one side, and on the other, an outdoor dining room to enjoy both with the first rays of sun.

CHILL OUT AREA Lupe Clemente

The orientation of the terrace determines the choice of plants, according to the hours of light and water they need. In this case, we had the help of gardening experts to configure the outdoor oasis. In pots or in planters, the plants cover the entire perimeter of the terrace both in the dining area and in this, more casual. Outdoor furniture, from El Corte Inglés. Carpet and cushions, from Ikea.


The entire housing project revolves around colors and natural elements. Proof of this is the choice in the living room of a wool carpet and cotton cushions in neutral tones, which contrast with the navy blue of the sofa or the green velvet of the armchair. A chromatic game that gives character.

Sofa, by Maisons du Monde, cushions, by El Corte Inglés and coffee table made of natural stone, by the owners.


Some pillars, being cargo, should not be removed; This is the case in the kitchen, which, far from being a point of contention, was integrated as a separating element with the living area. The aesthetic continuity is ensured by placing the same wooden floor.

Industrial style
Two identical ceiling lamps were installed on the breakfast bar. Its exterior, in black, contrasts with the golden interior, a very contemporary combination.
Lamps, from SuperStudio. Chairs purchased at an antique shop.

IN BICOLOR KEY Lupe Clemente

The kitchen was conceived in black and white. The first was chosen in walls and countertop, to capture natural light, and the second stars the lower furniture, faucets and lamps.

Its distribution in U was a success, with it the space is better used. Porcelain, from Peña Tiles. Picture by YellowKorner.

Let the light flow. In small kitchens, like this one, having natural light is important. A good solution is to clear the wall of the window to facilitate the entry of clarity and its free movement through the room. Hence the tall furniture and the refrigerator were placed on the right and were chosen in white so as not to visually reduce the room.

WELL FOCUSED Lupe Clemente

Once the natural lighting was enhanced, the artificial one was solved with different models of suspended, floor lamps and led recessed spotlights on the ceiling. These, distributed throughout the house, are a modern, economical and efficient option.

Most natural
In the incessant search for natural elements, we chose to cover the entire floor of the house, including the kitchen, with a wooden floor that gave continuity and warmth to the project. Only the terrace and the bathroom, with ceramic tile, escape from this solution. To emphasize the contrast, a dark wood tone, oak finish was chosen, which gives it a timeless appearance. Laminate flooring, from Parador.

Sliding doors
The choice of this type of doors is the best option in small spaces, since when integrated into the partitions, they do not take up space. In this house two were placed, in the bedroom and in the bathroom. Both were raised facing the door of the terrace so that, when they remained open, the light would circulate from one room to another and give a feeling of greater space.

WALL TO WALL Lupe Clemente

In the single bedroom of the house, in front of the bed, a double wardrobe closet that occupies an entire wall was arranged. Its four doors allow each member of the couple to have a module for himself. The fronts were painted white, like the rest of the carpentry of the house, and original leather handles that update their design were placed. Bedding, from Zara Home. Painting by Procolor.


In front of the closet, the double bed was arranged, with a custom headboard, trimmed with tacks. Wooden and metal nest tables make a bedside table on both sides. Bedside tables, from Zara Home.

BLACK & WITE Lupe Clemente

A piece of furniture flown with drawers houses the double sink integrated in the countertop, all in impeccable white. The choice of round spout taps, mirrors and black textiles bring a modern touch.

Coatings, from Peña Tiles. Taps, by Leroy Merlin. Towels and table mirror, from H&M Home.


The bathroom - like the kitchen - was projected in black and white. For floor and wall coverings, porcelain tiles, rectangular or hexagonal, with marble finish were chosen, in contrast to the black of the screen profiles, the faucets and the mirror, designed for this space by the Backsteen studio. Bathroom cabinet, from Ikea. Mampara, from Glaxoduch. Mechanisms, of Simon100.

Housing plan and reform keys CLEAR CLEMENT

The interior design studio Backsteen ( created a project to suit the new owners. The first objective was to demolish all the walls of the house, leaving only the enclosure walls and a structural pillar that could not be removed. The space, now distributed in an elongated bathroom and a single bedroom with standard measures, extended the public area of ​​the house and turned the living room and kitchen into a spacious and unobstructed room. As Victor Zorita of Backsteen tells us, the bathroom and kitchen gave some problems.

The change of location of the kitchen was a problem of water evacuation, since the downspout was more than four linear meters from the sink and the dishwasher. For this, it was necessary to develop a minimum slope study, which would guarantee the correct drainage, and in addition, the floor was raised from the kitchen to the general downspout. "It is very important to carry out this type of study beforehand - says Víctor Zorita - since it completely conditions the work of a work".

The other big problem arose in the bathroom. Comfort was paramount. To do this, a partition was erected that gave it a width of 120 cm, the minimum to move without difficulty, and all the elements (shower, toilet and sink) were arranged on the same wall. The length of the room was given by the length of the bedroom, thus a straight wall was achieved and there was a living room with a geometric shape as relaxed as possible. Once the technical obstacles were resolved, it was the turn of the coatings. The walls were painted white and in the bathroom we chose porcelain in marble finish, which adopt original hexagonal shapes in the shower. The floor of the rest of the house was covered with wood. As for the decoration, the owners wanted simple designs where sobriety and elegance prevailed. The black and white, natural tones and the presence of plants, both outside and inside, give the new project a sought and achieved aesthetic continuity. Now yes, the spacious and bright house is worthy of its wonderful terrace.