A very well distributed apartment with a lot of personality

A very well distributed apartment with a lot of personality

Miriam Yeleq

Like a puzzle that fits all the pieces to the millimeter, so is this precious apartment located in the center of Madrid. Without having large dimensions, its distribution and use are so good that it is most comfortable. Its owners travel constantly and use it as a temporary dwelling between stage and stage. Perhaps because of that busy "nomadic" life, the owners wanted a house in which to spend long periods and stop a little when they arrived in the city.

STYLE Timeless

The interior design studio Pipa Interior Design, headed by Paula Balboa and Bea Pinto, was in charge of transforming this house into that cozy home. To do this, they followed clear guidelines: the interiors should have color, a classic point and presence of natural materials, especially wood. Last suggestion: important that there were golden touches. This was done playing with space.


In one scommon surface was arranged to be dining room and kitchen. Large furniture was avoided, with the exception of some pieces, such as the mango wood cupboard and the dining table, to achieve as transparent environments as possible. The color palette chosen also brings luminosity and joy. It is supported both on upholstery, for example, turquoise velvet chairs, or the headboard of the bedroom, as on textiles and accessories: cushions, plaids, pictures ... put vibrant sparks here and there. All this reinforced by the "golden flashes" of lamps and ornamental objects ... The final set is warm, with enveloping environments. A house in which to feel good and hang the sign: "Home sweet home."

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In a single space several environments have been arranged: living room, dining room and, in the background, the kitchen. The styles of each area are very different, but the set is consistent, modern and super harmonious.

This material is very present in the furniture, since the owners wanted it that way.


The carpet by Zara Home delimits being, chaired by a painting by Werner Pawlok. Underneath, sofa decorated with cushions by Pepe Peñalver,

and in front, a couple of small tables, by Denzzo. On the sides, comfortable twin, Vical, with identical lamps.

Golden leaves and vases put a delicate touch on the table. They are from Zara Home and Deco & Living.


Two wicker armchairs, from Ixia, with cushions, from Pepe Peñalver, give way to the dining room. To store the dishes, in this area a beautiful cupboard with pickled mango wood and glass doors was placed. Acquired in Denzzo.


The play Antoniette Birds, signed by Olaf Hajek, occupies the head of the dining room. This space was furnished with a round wooden table, bought in Denzzo, and velvet chairs, from Vical, adorned with tacks. A still life of ornamental objects and a mini greenhouse, from Zara Home, shine on it.

Black on the outside and golden on the inside. The lamp, from the Vical firm, projects a warm light that does not dazzle.


Open to the living-dining room, it occupies the entire wall of the back without disentangling with respect to the other environments. It is an equipment composed of high and low cabinets and built-in appliances with black and steel finish
by contrast. The furniture, lacquered in white, does not have handles, to integrate them better. Household and cloths, from Ikea.

IN SOFT TONES Miriam Yeleq

The bedroom has been decorated with a palette of delicate neutrals animated by light sparks, such as cushions and bedspread, in aquamarine color. They were bought at Deco & Living, like the paintings, with the aged frames. The colorful blanket is from Zara Home, also the carpet. A retro bedside table with lamp, both from Vical, with boxes, from Ikea.

The headboard, upholstered by PIPA Interior Design, is a classic model that enhances the bed and serves as support.

WELL USED Miriam Yeleq

The bathroom is designed to share. A sink for two and an XL mirror allows the use of this space as a couple, without disturbing each other. The shower became independent in a cabin. The white and sand colors of sanitary ware and lining are illuminated with the yellow towels and accessories, Zara Home.

The sink has two sinks integrated in the same piece. It is a suspended model that neither weighs nor occupies.


The flat is not very big but it is wide enough for a couple. It consists of a multifunction space, in which a living, dining and kitchen area has been installed. Next to it, a small toilet and a comfortable bedroom with bathroom and access to a balcony.