Deco tips for your party

Deco tips for your party


Any reason is good to enjoy with a party. Whether it's a fun outdoor gathering, an unforgettable wedding or a perfect day with little friends, you are interested in these tips.

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The first point is to think Where do you want to celebrate the party? Your home is practical, because you can use the chairs and tables you already have, but a celebration in the countryside, although it involves moving furniture, also has a lot of charm. Both options are perfect.

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Bet on the handmade Country Living

Some party ornaments They are purchased in stores, but others can make them yourself if you like crafts. Draw freehand figures on white sheets or craft paper and fill them with color. Use them hanging on a cord with mini tweezers to welcome the guests, framed to decorate the table or on the plates of each diner, as a detail of gratitude for having come. In this case, go ahead and personalize them well with their names or with a phrase that defines them.

Sweet table, mmmm ...

Attention, sweet tooth. If your child loves pastry, Aires de Fiesta gives you the keys to organize a sweet corner at your party. When the event is outdoors, it is convenient to choose a corner in the shade so that the products do not lose textures or aromas. Decorate it with pom poms, balloons and pennants. Organize cakes, cupcakes and pasta in containers that have different shapes and heights: standing plates, bowls, trays ... Place the highest ones behind and leave the short ones in the first row. www.airesdefiesta.com

The must have of the bride and groom

You want to be your own wedding planner? Ahead! But in addition to the information you collect, you will need a professional advisor to indicate the steps you should take.

Wedding and event organizers Weddings With Love have captured their own experiences in a book to make it easier for you Keep every step of your link under control. The book consists of a planner that includes all the aspects that you should consider before confirming and contracting services. And also of an organizer as an agenda, with dozens of tables to complete the final details. Both are presented in a beautiful magnetized case with rose gold details. Wedding planner Book and agenda for girlfriend (€ 39.95). You can find it on the web www.weddingswithlove.es

Shots for minors Brian Woodcock

Don't panic, they are alcohol free. When your preteen children want to organize a snack with friends, encourage them to prepare a snack based on pita breads, stuffed tacos or hamburgers.

And to drink, fresh fruit juices or a delicious Mediterranean cocktail. The signature of EVOO Pago de Espejo gives you the recipe: 80 ml of orange and carrot juice, 30 ml of passion fruit puree, 4 drops of bitter orange juice, 10 ml of sugar and 5 ml of olive oil extra virgin Mix and serve in glasses with ice. They will love it! www.pagodeespejo.com

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Hit with the catering Buenavistaandco

Joaquín de Urzaiz, executive chef and founder of Catering Tatín, gives you the guidelines to know which one is the most appropriate at each party. For a wedding, it can be a banquet or a cocktail with corners. In a baby shower Among friends, the best thing is a table decorated with dips, how are you salmorejo tarts, and drink self service And for one party Children's, sweet and savory stalls with hamburgers, hot dogs, popcorn ...

Well equipped

As important as the party decoration are the accessories you use in it. Fairy garlands or pirate patches will make the kids better integrate into the celebration. If this is thematic, look for add-ons related to leitmotiv. And don't forget about the piñata, which combines two must Children: game and sweets. Piñata sol (€ 29) and Indian headdress (€ 18), from www.blaubloom.com

Custom gifts

To deliver a unique detail, visit Whitelight 21, an online store specializing in personalized products for weddings and celebrations. Here you will find everything from deco pieces and lighting to suitcases, jewelers or stationery. Linen notebook (€ 24.20), on the web www.whitelight21.com

The perfect resource Country Living

Luminous or not, the garlands They have become the best claim of a party. Paper with pennants, photos of your children, flower figures or letters that make funny messages. But also with fabric scraps, like the lace of the image. The latest trend: fringed garlands to decorate the tables.

With mom's touch Rachel Whiting

Personalize a children's party with fun paper tablecloths that you can make yourself. Choose them white or brown brown, and decorate them with rollers with embossed motifs and cheerful paintings. Another option is to draw flowers and fruits on felt, trim them and paste them on the tablecloth. Also use them in glasses, bowls or drinking jars. They will be ideal!

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A different table Country Living

You are going to give one party in your garden? Take advantage of the utensils you already have abroad to give an original touch to the celebration. For example, a disused wheelbarrow can be transformed into a flirtatious little table where you can place a lemonade dispenser with glasses. Decorate it with garlands, colorful balloons and fresh flowers in glass bottles. And on the floor, add some inspirational accessory vintage: pitchers, zinc holes or retro showers are ideal.


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If you are getting married soon, it is easy for you to accumulate stress. Take a break and go to a physio that relaxes your tense muscles. Or visit an aesthetic center and ask for a treatment that gives your skin extra lighting, such as the BeOxy vitamin cocktail that is applied in the salon of the stylist Alma Luzon. www.almaluzon.com

Prepare the wedding trip Quique Villanueva

It is convenient that you decide the destination six months in advance. So you will have time to check accommodation, tickets ... but also the necessary vaccinations and documentation. In the Citizen Services section of the website www.exteriores.gob.es, of the Ministry of Interior, you will find interesting information that will guide you. Make your passion for travel at the wedding. For example, with an original seating plan like this one, which Araventum proposes.