A completely renovated family home

A completely renovated family home

Pilar is a reader of our magazine that shows us her house, a family home, completely renovated. She is in Herencia (Ciudad Real) and her transformation and decoration have been in charge of her and her husband, Juan Carlos, who has a company of reforms - Covers and Structures D. Quijote-.

Advertising - Read on below A lounge with a fireplace

In neutral tones and with the fireplace as a centerpiece, painted in gray.

A large sofa with chaise longue

In the living room, a large sofa with chaise longue. In the background access to the kitchen.

A warehouse area

With a large showcase next to the door.

The kitchen in white and pink

The kitchen is generous in size and is used with a comfortable and functional design that offers many warehouse solutions.

With daily dining room

Another view of the kitchen, which has a corner of office.

Passage area

White predominates and is very clear. On the walls, moldings that decorate without saturating.

The detail of the receiver console View of bedroom access The main room

Very coordinated with two strips of wallpaper on the headboard wall, coinciding with the location of the bedside tables.

Bedside tables detail

A flying corbel. Very light.

With integrated dressing room and bathroom

The main room has an open dressing room and bathroom, both integrated.

The dresser A dresser in front of the window

A nice shot of the spacious bedroom with an aged dresser in front of the window, dressed in curtains in a cheerful aquamarine shade.

Detail of the aged finish of the dresser The main bathroom

In dark tones Only white toilets stand out.

A youth bedroom in pink Study corner of the room Another of the bedrooms in white and red

Bold and very strong.


In neutral tones that gain presence by the striped paper that covers one of the walls of the room.

Cabinets front

Take of the domritorio with the front of closets.